If you have decided to take your baggage with you on a Wamos Air aircraft, keep in mind that the weight of hand baggage or that which must be checked in (in the hold) is always limited. Find out in this guide how much luggage you are allowed to carry on a plane and what the weight and size limits will be.

Hand Luggage

1 x 8kg in the cabin

Dimensions: The luggage cannot measure more than 126 cm: 56 x 45 x 25

Checked Baggage

  • Economy Class: Up to 40 kg of luggage
  • Business Class: Up to 60 kg of luggage

It should be noted that the weight of a single piece of baggage authorized in the hold of a Wamos Air aircraft is limited to 32kg.

A free baggage allowance is also offered to children who have not yet celebrated their second birthday, with a total weight of 20kg in addition to a car seat or a folding stroller.

Extra Baggage: Baggage over the limit allowed by Wamos Air? Quickly buy an extra

Regardless of the route on which you travel with Wamos Air, the Spanish company allows you to take and check in additional parts if the free allowance is not enough for you.

Regardless of the route on which you travel with Wamos Air, the Spanish company allows you to take and check in additional parts if the free allowance is not enough for you.

An excess (to carry an extra 23kg suitcase) costs 50EUR if you buy it online or by phone, and 70 EUR if you add it at the airport.

Valuable and important items should go in your hand luggage

Hand baggage should be as practical and comfortable as possible so that you can carry all your valuables: passport, documents, money, tablet, laptop, camera, … There are even people who bring clothes spare in case there are delays in the arrival of the suitcases.

A backpack is a key item in your luggage for a long trip for many reasons. It is the most comfortable alternative to carry on the plane or in whatever means of transport you use. And, once you arrive at your destination, you can empty that backpack and put in what you need to explore that new place you’re about to discover.

Gadgets and electronic devices

If you are traveling with a laptop, tablets, e-books or camera, it is always recommended that you carry them in your hand luggage and do not check them in, as they could be bumped into on the plane.

If you had no choice but to save it, it is best to place them in the heart of the suitcase surrounded by clothing that can cushion possible blows.

To ensure that your electronic devices work in the destination you are traveling to, you should check whether the sockets are different from those used in your country. If so, you will need a universal plug adapter to be able to charge your mobile, laptop or tablet.

Be smart and protect your suitcase

When you have your suitcase ready, it’s time to think about how to protect what’s inside. It is advisable to put a padlock on it to protect your luggage both at the hotel, when you go down the street or when checking in your luggage.

Another very useful product is the suitcase protection strips, which serve to protect and identify your suitcase. And in addition, do not forget to carry a label in the suitcase where you put your name and your telephone number. Thus, if it is lost it will be easy to locate it.

Packing before departure: A practical guide

Do you feel like your suitcase is never enough? Things don’t match and at least it seems to be full. Despite carrying a briefcase, the clothes do not fit in the space, optimizing the space of your suitcase may seem complicated, but the truth is that everything has its trick. Forget carrying a giant suitcase with you. With our advice you will leave calm and light, but you will take everything with you. Do you want to be an expert traveler? Follow these tips:

– List the items you will need during your stay

You may be more organized when you have a travel plan, so this tip is the most important. Before you decide to put things in the suitcase, you need to know what you are going to take with you. This way you can distribute your luggage and make better use of the space. You need to sit down and think carefully about everything you need for the trip. Write it down and let it rest. Surely, if you do this in advance, more things will come to your mind than at the beginning. Once you have it, it’s time to lock it up because you always tend to carry more than you need.

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