The transport of baggage by air can be done in compliance with certain standards and regulations which differ from one airline to another.

Cabin baggage CSA Czech Airlines: How many kilograms should your baggage weigh?

It can weigh up to 8kg and measure 125cm (55x45x25). The Czech airline also allows the transport of an additional bag of 3kg with total measurements of 85cm (40x30x15).

Checked Baggage: What are the height and weight limits?

In the hold, your allowance is determined according to the chosen fare:


Plus Flex Business Lite





Being a member of the Czech Airlines OK Plus frequent flyer program means that you are entitled to one piece of additional checked baggage of 23kg if you fly in Economy class, and one piece of 32kg if you have booked your seat in Business class.

Your children who have not yet celebrated their second birthday are also entitled to a free checked baggage allowance of 10 kg unless you are traveling with the LITE fare which does not give access to any allowance.

Check in additional baggage: Buy extra

Excess baggage is charged. This means that if during check-in or going through security at the airport, it is found that your weight or the size of your baggage does not comply with the transport rules of Czech Airlines, you are in this case obliged to pay extra. However, doing it at the airport is much more expensive than online where fares are reduced by up to half.

Lost or damaged suitcase: What to do to repair the damage

The loss of the suitcase can be the first drama of the vacation, even if the probability is low, although it does not hurt to know how to act in these circumstances.

You are finally on vacation. After a few difficult months between confinement and adaptation to the new normal, these well-deserved days of rest that you so deserve have arrived. Everything seems to be going well until when you arrive at the destination airport, your suitcase takes longer than usual to appear on the collection belt. Minutes pass and the rest of the passengers disappear until you find yourself without a trace of your suitcase and the slightest problem, thinking about it, has decided to appear: they have lost your luggage. How likely is this to happen to you? What to do in these cases?

According to some studies, if you lose your suitcase, you could be talking about pure bad luck. Out of a thousand pieces of checked baggage, only about five or six are not delivered to their owners on the collection belt, moreover, most end up being delivered to passengers desperate to recover their baggage, since only five out of a hundred of lost baggage do not are not retrieved again.

Lost or damaged suitcase: What to do to repair the damage

In addition, you can complete other types of documents. If your suitcase arrives damaged, which happens in many cases, you have a period of seven days from receipt to file a claim for compensation for material damage. For its part, for delayed luggage, there is a period of three weeks from the time it should have reached you to submit the claim, if this period passes, the luggage is considered lost, and you can make another complaint.

Be very careful because for compensation it is better to keep all the purchase tickets that you were forced to do because you did not have your luggage and if it is lost you will also have to prove with tickets or invoices the value items that were in your bag inside.

Lost luggage at the airport: Tips and advice to avoid this inconvenience

Although there are very few lost bags, there is always the slightest chance of it happening to you. Therefore, nothing like trying to avoid it. The first thing to do is to take your cell phone and take a picture of the outside and inside of the suitcase, so that you can show what your suitcase is and what was inside. Another important aspect is to remove identification tags from previous trips, as this could lead to confusion and your luggage will end up in a completely different destination than yours.

If you can carry hand luggage instead of a bag in the hold, take advantage of it, you will take it with you and thus avoid worries during the trip. And if you decide to check in, take valuables with you in your hand luggage, so if the checked item is lost, you avoid disappointment. It is also important to arrive on time at the airport. You don’t need to get up too early, but keep in mind that if you check in at the last minute, your suitcase is more likely not to show up at your destination.

As it is normal for suitcases to be repeated or very similar, try to put an element that identifies them on the others and take the opportunity to put your name and telephone number or email address so that they can contact you in case they find it or someone took the wrong one.

Although the likelihood that your suitcase will end up lost somewhere in the airport is practically nil, there is always this small possibility that it could disturb us when you arrive at your destination. Knowing how to act or take certain precautions is essential for your luggage to leave the airport with you.

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