In this guide, we show you at a glance the maximum weight of hand luggage and checked baggage according to the regulations of Pegasus Airlines by communicating to you the weight and dimensions accepted on flights operated by the Turkish company and which are not not the same on all flights.

Hand Baggage: How much should your luggage (carry-on) weigh and measure?

Pegasus passengers can board the plane with a hand luggage of 8kg, size 115cm (55x40x20).

Checked Baggage: Discover the cabin allowance (Weights and dimensions)

In the cabin, you all benefit from the same baggage allowance; on the other hand, in the hold, your baggage allowance depends mainly on your travel cabin (class).


Domestic Flight International Flight
Basic /



1 x 15kg  

1 x 20kg


1 x 20kg

Comfort Flex

Extra Baggage: Modify your allowance by adding a supplement

For any passenger planning to purchase additional baggage, Pegasus Airlines gives them the opportunity to change their baggage allowance by purchasing excess online while enjoying significant discounts on their fares.

Traveling safely by plane: Packing your suitcase is one of the secrets

It is said that a trip has three key moments: preparing it, living it and remembering it. Well, we’ll take care of the first step to enjoy it 100% and remember it as one of the best experiences ever (until your next trip of course).

Which suitcase to choose? What should be its size and weight?

Before we start stacking things in the suitcase, we are going to stop and think about what type of luggage is best for us for the trip we are going to take. The ideal is a bag with a capacity of 20 kg, authorized on Pegasus flights; but here’s a valuable tip: fill it only halfway if you’re traveling abroad you’re probably going to buy clothes and your airline only allows you twenty kilograms in the hold.

Keep in mind that clothing for hot climates takes up less space than winter clothing, so if you’re heading out towards the summer, it’s best to choose less bulky luggage that you’re more comfortable with.

Take only useful things and items in your luggage: Make a list

Sit down and think about everything you need to take with you on this trip, be careful: think about what you really intend to use, but not what you will never wear.

One of the best tips for packing is to do it calmly and with time in advance, so you can buy the things you’re going to need and not go crazy on the last day.

Make this list and let it mature, surely a few days later you will find more necessary items. Something that should not be missing in your suitcase is a light coat no matter which of the four seasons awaits you at your destination, but you already know that the forecasts are not exact and it is better to always be prepared. When everything is ready and you confirm that you surely do not have too many, then yes, get to work.

Properly place things inside the luggage

This is one of the most important things is to pack like a pro. In general, it is best to always put the heaviest items at the bottom, such as pants, toiletry bag and shoes. Remember to put the shoes in individual bags to take advantage of the space and not stain the rest. Also, make everything fit much better and less wrinkled by rolling all the clothes into a tube shape. If you wear cashmere or silk clothes, place them at the top of the suitcase to avoid wrinkles, as well as shirts, suits and evening dresses.

If you carry electronic devices in your baggage, make sure you pack them properly

If you’re traveling with a laptop, camera, tablets, e-books, or the like, you want to pack well if you don’t want to end up destroying them. The best option is to carry them in the appropriate handbag or backpack and not check these items on the plane. Thus, it is already possible to find specialized photography luggage on the market that also includes padded laptop compartments so that nothing can happen. If you have no choice but to take them in your checked baggage, remember to put them in the middle of your baggage, surrounded by clothing that can reduce their impact.

Take liquids separately

Don’t end up with a suitcase full of soap and protect all the liquids you are going to take. If you are traveling with hand luggage, remember that it must be transported in individual containers with a capacity of less than one hundred milliliters and inside a transparent plastic bag with a capacity of less than one liter. This bag must be presented when going through the security check. In case of billing inside the luggage, remember to close them well and transport them in plastic bags so that they do not come out.

If you have special creams or your favorite perfume, bring it with you, otherwise you buy everything on site and take advantage of hotel services such as shampoos, conditioners, towels, hair dryers, … And if you go in hostels, or rent an apartment, think that the world is full of shops, pharmacies and supermarkets where you can buy what you have left at home.

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