TAROM Airlines is one of the airlines with the highest rating among passengers. It is also one of the carriers that offers the best baggage allowance to its customers.

– Hand Baggage

1 x 8 kg for all flight fares;

The size of a hand luggage must in fact be limited to 115cm (all dimensions combined) if the flight is carried out in a Boeing or Airbus. On the other hand, if the service is provided by an ATR 72 or an ATR 42, the dimensions of the baggage must not exceed 85cm (35x30x20).

– Checked Baggage

Baggage going in the hold can measure 158cm while its weight can vary according to the class of service:


Business Class

Economy Class


3 x 23kg 1 x 23kg
SkyTeam Frequent Flyer Members: Elite or Elite Plus 4 x 23kg

2 x 23kg


3 x 23kg 2 x 23kg
Babies two years or younger

1 x 10kg (115cm) + foldable stroller

Tarom exceptionally offers certain passengers a baggage allowance allowing the transport of baggage of 30kg (per piece), on certain flights: From and to Bucharest and Amman, Beirut and Rome.

Excess Baggage: Add additional baggage to your allowance by purchasing an extra

Carry and check in extra baggage? TAROM allows you to do this by offering you extra baggage that you can buy at discounted prices online.

Baggage lost at the airport: Precautions can be taken to avoid this inconvenience

We go on a trip and we pack what we think we need: in case it gets cold, comfortable t-shirts, something to wear, water shoes, documentation, medicine, that cap we ‘we love so much, … and one of the worst nightmares is that the luggage will never reach its destination, whether due to loss or theft.

The worst can always happen, that’s why we give you some basic tips to try to avoid this situation:

– Keep contact information

Including hotels and travel itineraries, inside the suitcase, so that if the outer ID tag is lost or torn, the company can know who and where to send the suitcase.

– Take a picture of your baggage before it goes to the hold

It doesn’t mean posting the picture on social media, you just need to save a picture of what you are carrying and what your luggage looks like, if lost it will be easier to find it, and if you must pretend that you can view the content.

– Your valuables must not go in the hold

Always take your valuables with you into the cabin (money, camera, laptop, important documents, …) and if you can, some clothes in a separate bag to go into the cabin. A solution that will save you a lot of headaches. If you have to charge for your electrical appliances, remember to write down your serial number.

– Check in your bags early

Checking in the suitcase at the last moment is not a good idea, there is a greater chance that it will be lost or that there will be endless queues. You need to do this with enough time for everything to go normally between the miles of the airport conveyor belt, thus avoiding your suitcase remaining on the ground, they recommend about an hour and a half in advance for domestic flights and two hours for international flights.

When checking in the suitcase, it is necessary to check that the tag matches the destination code and flight number before it gets lost in the maze of suitcases. Do not lose the identification number in case you have to claim later.

– Tie a ribbon or use other tricks to easily recognize your suitcase at the airport

Almost all suitcases look alike and it’s very easy for someone to confuse them when they pick them up from the conveyor belt or take them away without you realizing it. Use a detail that identifies it and you will avoid errors and thefts.

– What if the dilemma occurs?

When the inevitable happens and you are one of the 1% whose baggage goes missing, there is no need to despair, file a claim with Tarom Airlines before leaving the airport and find out about your rights.

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