In order to improve its quality of service and to offer simplified pricing and smoother processing of checked baggage in the hold, the airline Blue Panorama Airlines offers a baggage allowance that adapts to the needs of its passengers.

This baggage allowance method is based on the number of pieces of baggage and their weight.

Handbag: Rules on the carriage of hand luggage (in the cabin)

Charter airline customers will benefit from a 10kg allowance (in one piece) whose dimensions must not cross the threshold of 115cm (55x40x20)cm.

This rule is applied on all flights operated by Blue Panorama Airlines, regardless of the route you are booking.

Checked Baggage: EasyJet Checked Baggage Regulations

When transporting baggage in the hold, the rule changes. The baggage allowance offered to passengers is assessed according to two elements: The connection and the class of travel:

  • 1 x 20kg on domestic flights within Italy, or international flights serving destinations in Europe. This free baggage transport offer is only available to passengers booking their plane tickets with the GDS fare.

On intercontinental flights, Blue Panorama passengers are entitled to check in:

  • 1x23kg in Economy class
  • 2x23kg in Blue class

As an exception, passengers taking flights serving Italy from Cuba can carry a baggage of 32kg.

Blue Panorama issues a recommendation as to the maximum dimensions of baggage placed in these holds. Registered pieces must display dimensions less than or equal to 160cm.

Extra Baggage: What is the cost for excess baggage and how do I buy it?

Taxes will apply for additional parts, as well as for excess weight or dimension, namely:

  • 150 Euros if you travel with Blue Panorama
  • 50 Euros if taking a flight from its low cost subsidiary Blu-Express.

It is possible for each passenger to carry more luggage or increase the weight allowed in each allowance. The maximum weight of checked baggage is 30kg. The cost of each additional kilogram is 10 Euros.

Taking a Blue Panorama Airlines flight with hand luggage only: Practical advice

This guide compiles tips for traveling only with carry-on, backpack, or carry-on luggage, and for you to feel the freedom of minimalist travel.

It has more pros than cons is that, just the fact of all the money you save when traveling with small luggage, should be a reason to always choose it.

In addition, by traveling with a backpack or a cabin suitcase, you avoid carrying a lot of clothes, which in the end you do not use, and a lot of accessories that will not help you.

First of all, you must choose the right hand luggage or backpack, which meets the standard measures required by Blue Panorama Airlines, so that you can take it with you everywhere, on all flights.

With the new travel restrictions to respect the distance, the lines have adapted the size of hand luggage accepted.

The average measurements are between 55 cm high x 40 cm long x 20 cm deep and the authorized weight is set at 10 kg on flights operated by the Italian airline.

Before buying your plane ticket, first check the baggage specifications with the Italian air carrier.

With your hand suitcase you can make a good investment, you will travel a lot with it and you will always take it with you, so that it does not suffer the mistreatment that suitcases normally carry in airports; Therefore, choose a good suitcase, so that it lasts long enough and travels with you around the world.

You should also think about the comfort of your hand luggage, remember that it will be your companion throughout the trip, think that you will probably have to run with it for some reason.

Choose carefully what you put in your luggage

When traveling us always see the closet and we want to take everything in the luggage, but get rid of this temptation and choose comfortable and light clothes.

Wear clothes with intention, i.e. pack those pieces thinking you will use them in different ways with each other and that they work for different occasions.

To achieve this, you need to plan your luggage in advance, taking into account the type of trip and the weather.

It’s a good idea to start reducing our amount of clothing during the trip, of course, this should not be a strict rule, but it can help you reduce excess and give you space.

If you are traveling in winter, travel with the travel jacket over it and keep the gloves and hats in the bag or suitcase considered a personal item. Think of versatile clothes that you can wear on different occasions.

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