Carrying baggage in the cabin or in the hold is the right of every passenger. However, some airlines including Ethiopian Airlines have a set number of pieces of baggage that can be carried by each passenger on board:

In Cabin: Handbag (carry-on) weight and size

  • 1 x 7kg in Economy Class
  • 2 x 7kg in Business Class

An accessory (handbag, mobile computer bag, etc.) can be brought as additional baggage by passengers in both cabins.

Before leaving your home or office to go to the airport, don’t forget to measure your luggage, which must indeed be 115cm or less in size (adding the length, width and height).

In the hold: TAROM rules in terms of baggage checked weight and dimensions

When you book a flight with Ethiopian Airlines, know that you benefit from a free baggage allowance in the cabin, but also in the hold.

Hold or checked baggage is what you need to check in at the airport. They are bulky pieces and also have a larger size compared to those transported in the cabin:

  • Economy Class: 2 x 23kg
  • Business Class: 2 x 32kg or 3 x 23kg

As for the maximum size of baggage placed in the hold on an Ethiopian Airlines flight, it must measure 158cm.

Excess Baggage: Bigger or heavier luggage? Buy extra

For those who need to carry several other objects and items when they have no more space in their suitcases, they must add an additional or excess baggage to their plane ticket reservation.

Traveling with hand baggage by plane: Mistakes to avoid

These are all the mistakes you make when packing your carry-on for air travel.

When it comes to having to pack our suitcase for a plane trip, surely we made a mistake that we later regretted, and that is that sometimes we are not aware of the type of suitcase we have or of the amount of stuff we include inside.

Perhaps the most common mistake, and the one we make most often, is that we stuff our suitcases so full that when we have to lift them to include them in the overhead compartments, we don’t have enough strength so we end up asking for help.

Another fairly common case is when some passengers even carry more than two suitcases on the plane. They remind us that we cannot abuse hand luggage and that it is not normal to carry a suitcase on wheels, a backpack and also a handbag, which is too much.

This can lead to different problems, including having to pay an additional amount or even part of the hand luggage having to be checked in at the end of the hold with the resulting penalty.

And it is that most airlines including Ethiopian Airlines allow their passengers to store an item in the overhead compartment and place a personal item under the seat.

Another mistake is to include in our hand luggage, more precisely in the upper compartment of the plane, an object that we may have to collect during the flight, such as a book. It is convenient that we include this type of item in the luggage that we keep under the seat.

Passengers must also carry, in some cases, the authorized food, in particular they recommend fruits such as apples and oranges, and even bags of nuts useful for long journeys.

It is also recommended that the clothes you wear should not be too bulky inside the plane, such as boots or large coats.

Preparing your hand luggage for air travel with Ethiopian Airlines

Put plastic bags in the suitcase, to store dirty clothes or to put the gifts you buy:

– Choose the right suitcase dome

Take into account the regulations of the airline you are traveling with, especially in terms of dimensions and weight.

– Properly place your clothes in the suitcase

Try not to pack too many clothes you won’t be using and find out what the weather will be like at your destination.

If you have to wear very large shoes, try to wear them during the trip so that they do not take up much space in the suitcase.

– Cleaning and well-being products

Remember that liquids must be in containers of no more than 100 milliliters. Take advantage of complimentary sample jars or courtesy gifts from hotels. Remember that they must be plastic, so avoid glass jars.

It is forbidden to carry aerosols or canisters under pressure, such as deodorants, hairsprays or shaving foams. Opt for powder or stick makeup rather than liquid makeup.

All containers should be stored in a transparent bag with a maximum capacity of one litre, approximately 20cm x 20cm. This bag must have an automatic closing system, such as a zipper, or an airtight seal. If you plan to include a medication, accompany it with the corresponding prescription.

Items not to be carried in your hand luggage (prohibited items)

You cannot carry pointed or sharp objects, such as razor blades, scissors, utility knives, nail clippers and certain types of files, in your carry-on baggage. They will also not allow you to introduce lighters or any other type of fuel.

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