The time has come to prepare the luggage for this long-awaited trip, but you do not know which suitcase to choose. Will the one you always carry with you meet the requirements of the Saudia airline you plan to travel with? Will everything you want to put fit in a purse or is it better to charge just in case? If you charge, will there be a surcharge? Do not panic, this guide collects the answers to all these questions.

– Hand Baggage

  • Guest Class (Economy): 1 x 7kg; Dimensions: 115cm
  • First and Business Class: 1 x 12kg; 1 x 9kg (small briefcase or small handbag. Dimensions: 100cm); Dimensions of the two pieces of luggage: 115cm.
  • A briefcase of documents can also be brought into the cabin, the maximum size of which is 100cm.

Passengers traveling in both cabins have the option of carrying a small handbag or other non-allowable items, such as a laptop.

– Checked Baggage

Regarding checked baggage, the rules are changing. How much baggage can you check in (depending on your booking rate), and what weight not to exceed; find all this information in the table below:

Domestic Flight





Basic Flex Basic Flex



1 x 23kg 2 x 23kg 1 x 32kg 2 x 32kg 2 x 32kg


International Flight

Classes | Fares

Economy Business



/ /



1 x 23kg  

2 x 32kg


2 x 32kg

Semi Flex

2 x 23kg


Your baggage does not comply with the allowance offered by Saudia? Buy extra

Despite the limitations applied by Saudia, passengers have the possibility to modify their baggage allowance. They can add additional kilograms or even parts before their flight check-in is validated.

Saudia is selling extra baggage online at discounted prices.

Traveling with luggage on a plane from Saudi: Which bags or suitcases to choose?

Every day, the backpack for traveling by plane or also called personal object, is more important. If you’re thinking of equipping yourself with a backpack for air travel, you’ve come to the right place.

It is important to consider the size, so that it can serve you for some special features that will make your trip more comfortable.

– Should you choose a hard or soft suitcase?

This is one of the big doubts and sometimes mistakes when going to buy a specific backpack for air travel. The reality is that hard backpacks have certain advantages, such as their designs, they are usually made with materials, they are more geared towards the inclusion of technology, and they have more storage compartments.

But the big difference with soft backpacks is that you will have to make sure beforehand whether the size of said backpack is included in your plane ticket. In other words, if you have a hard backpack of certain sizes and your airline does not allow them, you may have problems boarding.

This type of issue is usually rare and almost always happens more on low cost airlines, which have much stricter baggage policies (Saudia does not). As a general rule, if your backpack is a bit oversized, it won’t cause you any problems getting on the plane.

For this reason and so that the backpack serves you for different airlines and that you can cover yourself in the event of the unexpected, choose a soft backpack for air travel. Mainly because what matters is that it stays inside the cages or metal boxes that airlines use to measure luggage. And if your backpack does not fit right away, you can adapt the shape and the load so that the volume is distributed and you save something in width or depth.

Saudia Airlines has its own baggage policies. And where there are more variants is the handbag, purse or personal item.

Saudi Arabia carrier has its own acceptance of height, width and depth. It has its own backpack size for air travel, although there is a size that can be used for each.

Bringing a bag into the cabin: What to put in it?

Passengers are no doubt recommended to carry valuables in their personal bags to avoid theft and anything that weighs the most.

However, the suitcases that go in the cabin are also ideal for placing all kinds of electronic devices, such as laptops, cameras, batteries, cables, chargers, tablets, … In addition to being safer with you on the journey, you can save weight in your suitcase.

Remember that you can carry almost anything inside your airplane backpack except for some prohibited items as we have already mentioned. But in general, you can bring electronic devices, limited liquids, food for the trip, make-up and hygiene accessories, etc. Pretty much everything except the common sense stuff, which translates to anything dangerous for other passengers.

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