Condor is the German airline which is also popular with vacationers. This company, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is now a subsidiary of Thomas Cook AG.

Condor introduces the strictest regulations for hand luggage and checked luggage. Let’s discover together the franchise it offers on its flights (domestic and international):

– Hand Baggage: Required weight (not to exceed)

The maximum weight of baggage that you can carry in the cabin varies between 8 and 10 kg depending on your fare class:

Eco Light: Paid (9.99 Euros)

  • Economy: 1 x 8kg
  • Eco Best: 1 x 10kg
  • Business: 2 x 8

There are also restrictions in terms of the size of cabin baggage. On flights served by Condor, it is possible to bring baggage that measures 115cm or less.

The size of the additional handbag must be 80cm or less.

– Checked Baggage: Number of suitcases and their sizes/weights

Free baggage allowance is offered to you on all Condor flights, including checked baggage. However, the number of pieces of baggage to be checked in, weight or maximum dimensions, the rule is not analogous to all passengers. It can change depending on their destination:

Eco Light Eco Class Eco Best Business Class

Balearic Islands, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal Mainland

Iceland, Canary Islands, Cape Verde and Madeira, Cyprus, Malta, Greece and Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Gambia and United Arab Emirates,

Southern Africa and Indian Ocean

/ 1 x 20kg 1 x 25kg 1 x 30kg
United States, Canada & Puerto Rico / 1x23kg 1x32kg 2x32kg
Armenia, Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon / 1x23kg 1x25kg 2x32kg

Armenia, Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon

Flights from Brazil



1x20kg 1x25kg 1x30kg
/ 2x32kg 2x32kg 2x32kg

Check in More Baggage: Buy Excess

Charges apply if you do not follow the rules. Fees can be high. This is why you will have to consider buying additional luggage before your arrival at the airport, if you plan to travel with bulky luggage or larger than those allowed by the German company.

Traveling with light luggage: Practical tips

Easily protect your electronic devices from damage when you open your suitcase. Cameras, laptops, tablets and the like are big-ticket items and these days of great personal need, so we have to take special care of them. The best option is always to transport them separately in a suitable backpack or hand luggage, with which we guarantee their good maintenance, even more so if we travel by plane because it is not practical to check them in.

A good relief, if you are going to a cold destination that requires warm clothes and your suitcases are already full, is to wear these clothes – which are usually the bulkiest; on or in your hand with your auxiliary baggage.

Take empty bags with you that will be used to carry dirty clothes or stained shoes and clothes that could ruin the rest of your clothes.

Monitor the transport of liquids. If you are traveling by plane, at the airport you must present them at the security check and you must take them in individual containers of less than 100 milliliters, inside a transparent plastic bag of a lower capacity to one liter. If you’re traveling with the ability to carry them inside your suitcase, be sure to seal them tightly and put them in plastic bags or you risk finding all of your luggage soaked in lotions or perfumes.

Also for flying, a handy tip you should observe is to pack some basic necessities in your hand luggage, such as a small toiletry bag, a change of basic clothes, and a shirt or sweater. That’s in case you’re unlucky to have your bags lost, so for now you’ll have some recourse.

Check and secure your luggage well before going to the airport

Make sure to close all your suitcases properly and to apply the security systems incorporated therein such as an opening code or additional padlock. Keep the keys in a safe and controlled place and, if possible, take them with you.

Identify each of the suitcases with your personal data and place the identification tag in a visible place on the outside and I also advise you to put another one inside.

Once you have packed your suitcase(s) for your trip, now turn your attention to something as essential as documentation. You should always take it with you and in a safe place. Passport, identity card, cards and money must be with you and absolutely checked. Don’t even think about putting your documents in checked baggage at the risk of losing them.

He is also preparing to carry the travel documents by hand such as plane tickets, hotel vouchers, … as well as the necessary papers; if applicable; such as electronic device bills, drug prescriptions or any other personal document.

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