If LOT Polish Airlines is in charge of your flight, then you will have some flexibility when it comes to transporting luggage on the plane:

– Handbag (carry-on): Number of handbags allowed in the cabin, their weights and sizes

You have the possibility of transporting a piece of luggage weighing up to 9kg plus a personal item of 2kg and 87 cm (briefcase, bag, laptop, etc.), as long as the size of the main suitcase does not exceed 118cm:

On domestic flights

– Economy Class: 1 x 8kg

On international flights

– Europe and Middle East):

– Economy Class: 1 x 8kg

– Business class: 2 x 9kg

To/from China, India, Japan, Canada, Kazakhstan, South Korea East:

– Economy Class: 1 x 8kg

– Premium Eco Class: Two pieces of luggage with a total of 12 kg

– Business Class: 2 x 9kg

United States Flights

– Economy Class: 1 x 8kg

– Premium Eco Class: 1 x 10kg

– Business Class: 1 x 12kg

– Checked Baggage: Rules applied by Qatar Airways regarding the number, weight and dimensions of suitcases or other items

LOT Polish Airlines also offers you the possibility to check in a suitcase that weighs no more than 32 kg and measures no more than 158 cm.

On domestic flights, you can check in a single bag of 23kg and only if you are traveling with the Stardard or Flexible.

On international flights, your baggage allowance is one bag of 23kg in Economy class (with the Standard or Flexible fare). On the other hand, you are entitled to 2 x 32kg of luggage in Business class.

Your baggage allowance is too tight? Don’t worry, add extra

If the weight or dimension limits applied by LOT Polish Airlines do not suit you, then you can adjust them by opting for the service of purchasing additional baggage offered by the Polish company. And even more, if you purchase and add your supplements online and in advance, you benefit from a reduction of up to 20% on their prices.

As a reminder, overweight baggage cannot exceed 32kg while its dimensions cannot exceed 203cm.

– Avoid paying excess at the airport by weighing your luggage at home

Additional baggage costs can reach and even exceed one hundred euros. To avoid this, you can check the weight of your suitcase from home in a very simple way.

One of the best ways to weigh a suitcase is to purchase a portable scale. They are very inexpensive and can last you a lifetime. You’ll find them at any hardware store or DIY center, or on Amazon in all their guises, but in reality, they all serve their purpose. Indeed, some models incorporate a tape measure included to measure luggage.

These scales allow you to hang the suitcase on a hook and thus be able to lift it. Automatically this will give us a fairly accurate weight of the total weight of the suitcase.

It is also possible to weigh a suitcase with a bathroom scale. This is one of the favorite options of checking the weight with a classic home or bathroom scale. You can place the suitcase on the scale to see the final weight. Some scales will not take your weight correctly, so you can: Step on the scale without the case and record your weight; continue with the suitcase, holding it in front of you, hugging it or very close to your body; and subtract the two amounts to get the final suitcase weight.

Either way, you’re bound to check both ways, because most scales have more misalignment, less weight is placed on them.

Weigh your suitcase without a scale? It is also doable

If you’re in a hurry at the last minute or don’t have a scale available at home, you can be resourceful.

Search your home for bulky and heavy objects or devices of which you know the final weight. For example, dumbbells, milk or juice cartons, water bottles, etc. that you can store in a bag or box and be able to buy with your last suitcase.

Hold the suitcase and any items you have chosen separately. It is not the most exact way, but the capacities of the human being are infinite. And intuition is not lacking, by taking both, you will be able to have an idea of ​​which weighs less. And hope that’s your suitcase.

You can go to different places to weigh your suitcase for free or at a reduced cost. For example, there are large scales in pet shops and supermarkets, scales in pharmacies, transport offices and post offices, …

Avoid the risk of exceeding the weight or dimensions retained by LOT Polish Airlines?

For this, you must avoid carrying only what you need in your suitcase. Remember that most of the time, travelers do not use everything they put in their luggage.

You should also check what your airline’s overweight and height limits are. In case of traveling with more passengers during the trip, you can redistribute the weight between different suitcases.

Use the additional pockets of the coats to introduce electronic devices or personal items, in addition to carrying the heaviest clothes on top.

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