If you plan to travel with SAS Scandinavian Airlines in the near future, you will need to be aware of the baggage allowance it offers to its passengers. This allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport and board the plane in complete peace of mind.

How much carry-on baggage, and what is the weight limit?

Passengers holding a reservation made with the fares: SAS Go Smart, SAS Go Pro, SAS Plus Smart and SAS Plus Pro, SAS Go Bonus and SAS Plus Bonus, can travel with one piece (1) of hand baggage, and can exceptionally take two pieces (2) of baggage in cabin when traveling on scheduled flights to or from airports in Asia, Canada and the United States.

The maximum weight of a handbag must not exceed 8kg while its size is limited to 118cm: (55x40x23) cm.

All SAS passengers (except those traveling on the Eco Light fare) are permitted to carry one additional bag with them with a maximum size of 85cm (40x30x15) cm.

Checked baggage: Number, size and weight limits

Suitcase sizes to comply with SAS regulations are 158cm (total of length, width and height) while their weights vary from 23kg to 32kg depending on the airfare:

– A 23kg bag (SAS Go Smart, SAS Plus Smart, SAS Go Bonus)

– Two bags of 46kg (23kg/b) (SAS Plus Pro, SAS Plus Bonus)

– Two bags of 64kg (32kg/b) (SAS Business, SAS Business Bonus)

Baggage on Scandinavian Sas Airlines flights: What to put in it?

Are you planning to take a flight with SAC in the next few days? A plane trip is prepared early. It is important to be well organized so that everything goes as planned, without hazards. Administrative formalities and procedures to do, things to put in your suitcase, …

In order to save more time and avoid last-minute worries, draw up a packing list of the necessary items in advance. Once you have all the necessary items for your trip, you can then start preparing your suitcase. To do this, place heavy objects on the side of the wheels and distribute the loads well. The best technique is to place the shoes after the heavy objects, followed then by the rolled clothes and on the remaining space the bulky items such as raincoats or sweaters.

What to put in your hand luggage when traveling by plane with Scandinavian Airlines System?

First of all, it is important to bear in mind that certain products are prohibited such as knives, scissors, lighters, tear gas, …; and others are regulated in the cabin. This is the case, for example, of liquids which must have a capacity of less than 100 ml, and placed in a resealable plastic bag. So find out what you can’t put in your hand luggage.

– Here is the list of things to put in your luggage or handbag

Identity documents such as passport, national identity card, plane ticket or flight or travel reservation confirmation, bank card, and cash to make any purchases at the airport; phone, laptop, headphones, camera, travel guide; medication (with prescription).

– What to put in a suitcase for a short stay?

Your identity papers, passports and important documents. And you should remember to check that you have all the travel documents at hand or on your smartphone:

– Passport;

– Visa for foreign countries / ETSA for the USA.

– Insurance certificate (special Covid travel insurance)

– Driving license (international version if needed)

– Vital card / European health insurance card

Your means of payment

Above all, don’t forget to check that you are not leaving without your money:

– Credit/debit cards

– Cash in foreign currencies

You can bring a secret travel pouch to keep your money and important documents safe

  • Put your toiletry bag in the handbag

This item is essential. Buy a model with hooks and compartments like this one which is really perfect for traveling. Then, opt for small quantities and travel bottles to fill.

The essentials in your toilet bag: Toothbrush and toothpaste; hair brush; face and body moisturizers; soap, shampoo, shower gel, hair styling products; sun and after sun products; shaving or hair removal preparations; make-up and make-up remover; a microfiber towel to save space.

  • Accessories for sleeping in transport:

– Travel pillow

– Sleep mask

– Compression socks

Which suitcase to choose to take on the plane?

Each person has their own perception of the right suitcase. For luggage not intended to be checked in, a rigid suitcase is a perfect solution to thwart violent handling. For your hand luggage, opt for a soft suitcase with a few pockets to put your toiletry bag, or your glasses case. To choose the right suitcase, try each model to make sure it can easily roll around corners and that the grip height is adjusted to your size.

However, it is also important to consider the weight and size limitations prescribed by SAS before purchasing your suitcase. Be aware that the wheels are included when measuring the length of your luggage. For ultra light luggage, every object and every centimeter really counts.

Products and objects prohibited in the holds of SAS aircraft

Whether in the hold or in the cabin, it is strictly forbidden to transport dangerous articles. Indeed, these products can have an impact on health, safety, the environment or even the device. What then are the items not authorized in the hold? Those are:

  • Explosives, firecrackers, bullets from rifles or pistols, fireworks, distress flares, tear gas, toy guns, igniting bricks, Electrolyte batteries or lithium batteries
  • Matches, lighters,
  • Diving cylinders, gas cylinders, nitrox,
  • The various types of lacquers,
  • Toxic products such as weedkillers, pesticides or fertilizers,
  • Stripping liquids such as chlorine, bleach, fuels, thinners, acetone or solvent, mercury -thermometers,
  • Magnetic masses and radioactive products.

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