Passengers traveling with Cathay Pacific should think very carefully when packing their baggage, as this airline may charge a fee if the baggage carried in the cabin or in the hold does not match the allowance offered to the passenger.

In the cabin (Hand Luggage)

Travelers traveling on Cathay Pacific flights are permitted to board one piece of carry-on baggage weighing:

7kg (Economy/Premium Economy);

10kg (Business Class);

15kg (First Class);

Maximum dimensions and measures: 115cm (56x36x23).

In addition to the room carried in the cabin, passengers can also bring another bag of only 85cm.

With the exception of all flights served by Cathay Pacific, if you are flying between Hong Kong and Auckland or Christchurch, you are entitled to one additional piece of baggage in Premium Economy Class and Business Class.

Checked Baggage

On most Cathay Pacific-operated flights, passengers using the lowest Tourist (Economy) class fares will be able to check two 30-kilo bags (both) free of charge.

Passengers traveling in other cabins are entitled to:

– 2 pieces of 35kg in total (Premium Eco)

– 2 pieces of 40kg in total (Business)

Р2 pieces of 50kg in total (Premi̬re)

The measurements of each suitcase can reach 203cm.

Cathay Pacific passengers enjoy a different allowance when flying to or from destinations in America. They will be entitled to: 2 bags of 46kg (23kg/b) in Economy, 2 suitcases of 50kg (50/s) in Eco Premium, and two suitcases of 64kg (2 x 32kg) in Business and First Class.

The size of a bag to check in on these flights? Anything over the 158cm threshold (115cm if the flight is scheduled from or to an airport in the United States).

Add extra items

From 12 to 60 USD, it is the value of the excess baggage that you will have to pay to be able to transport an additional piece of baggage, a piece exceeding the weight and dimensions limits, …

Prepare your luggage before departure: Simple advice at your fingertips

Packing before you fly with Cathay Pacific can be a real ordeal and when vacation dates and getaways approach, it can become a nightmare. In this guide you are going to find several tips that will help you reduce the unnecessary amount of clothes, how to fold them so that they take up less space and how to take advantage of all the nooks and crannies, also very useful for your children’s luggage.

  • List the things/objects you will need during the stay

The best way to remember anything is to make a travel list and cross it off as you go. Don’t forget the essentials like medication, chargers, underwear, a full toiletry bag, documentation and health records.

The best thing to do to leave nothing in the apartment or hotel is to make another one to take it to its destination, and on the way back to check that nothing is lost.

Don’t know what to wear? One of the best options is to prepare sets for each day. Try to make mixed combinations with clothes that can complement each other.

Wearing pants that only go well with a blouse is a waste of space. Instead, it would be better to wear one that combines several tops since the goal is to optimize space. Do not put in your luggage something that you want to wear but which, to this day, is still in the back of the closet. Pack the clothes you know you are going to wear.

  • Practical tips for packing your clothes and saving space in your suitcases

Start with shoes that are one of those things that are bulky and take up too much space. Ideally, place them near the wheels or between the irons. It’s best if you only put one pair in your luggage and wear the other one.

You can enjoy inside the shoes. This hole is perfect for putting small items like headphones or chargers, but also for underwear or socks.

Roll the clothes another way. One of the most surefire options for making clothes fit more, and wrinkle less, is to roll them up. You should start by putting the bulkiest clothes on the bottom and near the wheels, just above the shoes.

Then you need to make layers of thinner clothes. If you want to optimize the gaps even more, you can put several shirts or pants together.

One of the best-known techniques involves layering several pieces of clothing stretched over the top of the luggage. The trick is to let the ends stick out. Once everything is in place, you start folding by folding the edges over like an onion.

You can also opt for the Marie Kondo method. Just fold the folders into small rectangles and place them inside vertically, instead of horizontally.

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