In this guide, you can consult all the information you need to prepare your luggage before taking your flight with Lufthansa by informing you about the weight limits and the size of the handbag or suitcase you are carrying in the hold:

– Handbag (in cabin)

  • Economy Class: One Luggage (8kg)
  • Premium Economy Class: 1 Luggage (8kg)
  • Business Class: Two Luggage of 16kg (8kg/p)
  • First Class: Two Luggage of 16kg (8kg/p)

– Checked Baggage (in hold)

The rule differs when it comes to the transport of baggage in the hold.

The number of pieces of luggage you can travel with on Lufthansa flights depends much more on your travel class, but also on your airline:

– On a route that connects two European airports:

Economy Classic: One Baggage (23 kg)

Economy Flex: One Baggage (23 kg)

Business: Two bags (32 kg)

– On flights serving international destinations:

Economy Class: One piece (23 kg/p)

Premium Economy Class: Two pieces (23 kg/p)

Business Class: 2 pieces (32 kg/p)

First Class: Three pieces (32 kg)

The accepted height must however be less than or equal to 158cm (all dimensions included)

A fee of 15 Euros is charged to passengers in the Economy Light cabin wishing to travel with baggage in the hold.

Buy excess baggage

These rules are defined to determine the baggage rights for passengers, which vary according to their flight fares. However, it is always possible to change them by opting for Lufthansa’s additional baggage transport service.

Prepare your suitcase early, an essential step to avoid chaos at the airport

Packing your hand luggage for a Lufthansa flight, especially today with German airline requirements and restrictions, requires precision and some skill to avoid additional charges at the gate.

Do you prefer to travel with a suitcase or backpack?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to carry your hand luggage in a backpack or in a suitcase.

Which is better? Both options have pros and cons and it is believed that the answer is very personal and will depend on your needs. Some passengers prefer to carry a backpack as it is very easy to carry and they feel nimble with it. There are backpacks that only open from the top which can be uncomfortable, but there are others that open like a suitcase but carry like a backpack.

On the other hand, there are also many people who prefer the wheeled suitcase so that they do not have to carry all the weight on their backs. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages and the option is very personal. The main thing is that you choose the one that best suits the way you travel and your destination.

Whether you choose a backpack or a suitcase, my advice is that it is very light, compact and, above all, that it is within the maximum dimensions allowed by the airline Lufthansa.

Before packing, check the weather at your destination

In general, we pack our cabin luggage or backpack very few days before the trip, there are even some who do it a few hours before the flight.

Knowing the weather is essential to know what type of clothing to wear because it is not the same to travel in winter than in summer or simply to arrive for a few days of torrential rain.

Items to put in hand luggage

Once you have chosen the suitcase or backpack according to your preferences and taking into account the restrictions of the airline, it is now time to prepare the contents.

A good way to not forget anything is to make a first initial list with all the items you want to put in your hand luggage.

Important things to keep in mind when packing your bags:

– Visualize everything you want to take during the stay

A good tip to pack your handbag without taking too much is to be very clear about the activities you are going to do in the destination such as: hiking, spending a night in the desert, cultural projects in a city, .. ., as well as the weather and the number of days of travel.

– Always wear matching clothes

Also try to choose versatile clothes that you can wear in different situations and places, day and night.

Something that makes preparing your carry-on a lot easier is placing all the clothes you plan to take on the bed or table and creating outfits for the day.

– Do not fold clothes, roll them instead

Now that you know what you’re going to pack on a trip, one of the best ways to put it in your suitcase and backpack is to roll up your clothes except for jackets, which tend to wrinkle.

This technique will not only allow your clothes to take up less space, but if you do it correctly, they will remain almost wrinkle-free. Take advantage of free eggs to put on socks, your underwear bag or other small items.

For example, you should wear shoes wrapped in plastic bags and separated from each other, filling their interior with smaller items, such as socks.

In this way, you form a tetris of clothes and shoes to leave the suitcase or backpack as homogeneous and compact as possible.

Pay attention to your baggage allowance and airport restrictions

When packing your hand luggage, the first thing to keep in mind is airport restrictions. For example: you cannot carry more than 100 ml of liquids in total, you cannot carry scissors, razor blades, …

In order to optimize space, you opt for shampoo, fabric softener and body soap in bars instead of the typical bottles. This way you also avoid carrying unnecessary liquids.

Ditto for the toothpaste, you can take a small one if you are traveling for a long time then buy another one and, even better, you can opt for a solid toothpaste and thus take care of the planet.

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