Although carrying hand luggage is the fastest and most comfortable option, an airline like Royal Jordanian sets its own weight and size limits.

Your next flight will be with the airline of Jordan? The weight of carry-on or checked baggage is restricted, and therefore it is advisable to be aware of its exceptions.

Hand Luggage (Carry-On)

– Economy Class : 1 x 7kg

– Crown Class: 2 x 7kg

Regarding the size, a piece of luggage brought into the cabin can measure up to 115cm (51x41x23)

RJ applies strict restrictions on the carriage of luggage, but in the cabin, it allows you to bring other accessories than your hand luggage, such as a handbag, a foldable stroller, a mobile computer or tablet, a pair of binoculars, crutch, …

If you are traveling with a baby, you can carry another 7kg bag in the cabin

Checked Baggage

Checked baggage allowance offered to travelers is not the same on all Royal Jordanian routes:


Classes Economy



2 x 23kg 2 x 32kg
Jordan and Europe 1 x 23kg

(1 x 30kg in flight to London and 2 x 23kg in flight to Istanbul)

1 x 30kg + 1 x 23kg


2 x 23kg

2 x 32kg

North America

Other destinations 1 x 30kg

1 x 30kg + 1 x 23kg

A uniform regulation is applied by the airline of Jordan regarding the dimensions of baggage transported in the hold: 158cm on all flights and in both classes of travel.

Regarding infant baggage, RJ allows each infant passenger (aged two years or under) to travel with one piece of checked baggage weighing 10kg, with a maximum dimension of 115cm.

Excess Baggage: Buy Extra Online

In order to make you enjoy a comfortable travel experience, Royal Jordanian offers you a practical solution for the transport of baggage outside your allowance by offering you the purchase of additional baggage items offered at the rates that are within your reach.

Traveling by plane with Royal Jordanian: A good preparation of luggage is the secret of the success of your flight

A luggage organizer with bags for shoes, a transparent toiletry bag specially designed to pass through airport control, anti-theft backpacks, stickers so that no one takes your suitcase by mistake, …

To choose the perfect suitcase, you must first think about what you will use it for. Right off the bat, there are some to bet on. For example, for the airplane cabin suitcase, since you will surely use it during your getaways and short trips, also on weekends. The travel bag is also a must, from which you will undoubtedly also derive a lot of usefulness and which should be organized as much as possible, because we all carry potingos beyond our means.

Beyond these two fundamentals, are you traveling as a family? Because then you will need a briefcase, even if you are one of those who will go to town or to the other side of the world all summer. Or are you one of those who escape to the mountains? Then a backpack will be your best option. And if your thing is to work while traveling, a travel bag that allows you to transport your computer safely is what you need.

Regarding the choice of suitcase, between classic, modern or brightly colored suitcases, you have the choice. But think that the more it is different from the others, the less it will cost you to find it on the baggage carousels and the less risk you will have of being changed. But don’t worry if your color is black, because there are other ways to mark your luggage and we’ll give you some ideas too.

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