When the departure date of your flight with Luxair approaches, it’s time to pack your suitcase and you still wonder how many kilos can you take in the cabin and store in the hold?

Hand Baggage

On board Luxair flights, each passenger may carry one piece of baggage plus one personal item, provided that the hand baggage fits within the baggage size meter and does not exceed the total dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 23cm ( 118 cm), including handle, pockets and wheels.

Passengers in Eco class are entitled to one piece of baggage of 8 kg while passengers in Business class benefit from a doubled allowance: 2 x 8 kg.

At Luxair, an additional piece can carry the passenger on the plane, both on short and medium-haul lines and on long-haul lines.

Checked Baggage

Each passenger who has booked a flight with Luxair can also carry:

  • One bag of 23kg in Economy class with the Smart or Flex fare
  • Two pieces of luggage with a total weight of 32 kg in Business class, knowing that on board this cabin, the transport of golf equipment is also included in the allowance offered to the passenger.

Excess baggage in the hold: What is Luxair’s rule?

Despite the strict restrictions, Luxair still offers you some flexibility by allowing you to adjust your baggage allowances by carrying additional pieces in the hold, and for this you must purchase an additional (extra) piece of baggage whose applied rate is EUR 75 per piece.

Traveling on a Luxair flight with baggage: Steps to prepare a perfect suitcase

The holidays are here and the long-awaited time to go on a trip has arrived, but before that you have to face something that is not so pleasant: packing your suitcase knowing that it can be frustrating and a real headache for many people.

It is better to take enough time to plan, buy what you need and organize everything. To make bag operation as easy as possible, this guide compiles tips for packing the perfect bag before you fly with Luxair.

Get information about your destination first

To know what type of luggage to take and what to include, it is advisable to first find out about the destination you are going to travel to. Depending on the country and the means of transport you are going to use, you must be well informed about customs laws, the weight that is authorized for you for luggage according to your plane ticket or the products prohibited in hand luggage.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is the climate of the destination city. If it’s hot, cold, if it rains a lot, … For example, clothes and accessories for hot climates take up less space than those for winter.

As boring as it may sound, having a list handy is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t forget anything essential and that you don’t carry around unnecessary stuff. It may be useful to write down what you are going to need by category (clothing, toiletries, documentation, electronic devices, …) and complete each category with the items you want to take with you.

Start by putting the essentials on your list, then the necessary but non-essential items. That way, you’ll know as the suitcase fills up what things you can do without so you don’t exceed the baggage weight limits. Remember to always leave a little free space to be able to bring back gifts or souvenirs.

Keeping this list will help you remember and review everything you take before your trip.

A first aid kit and medication

It’s always good to have the basics for a headache, stomachache or flu. Before putting it on, be sure to check the official drug information of the country you are going to, to avoid surprises and disappointments.

If you are undergoing medical treatment, it is advisable to check beforehand whether you need to take a letter from your doctor confirming the treatment with you and thus be able to justify the amount you are carrying to the authorities of the country if they check your luggage.

Also remember to always put the medications you need in your hand luggage, so that you have access to them if you are unlucky and your suitcase gets lost.

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