If you have ever traveled by plane, you know how baggage is handled, when purchasing your plane ticket at Jet2, you are entitled to carry a certain number of kilos of baggage depending on the class or fare of your reservation.

When you book a plane ticket with Jet2, you may worry about the location of your seat on the plane or the departure time, but in reality you have to worry about the baggage allowance offered by the airline low cost from Great Britain.

You should know all the weight and size limitations before arriving at the airport, because if you exceed the figures given by the operator, you will have to pay an additional fee when checking your baggage.

Hand Luggage

On board Jet2 cabins, you are allowed to board with a piece of luggage of 10kg, which measures 126cm (56x45x25)

Jet Time also allows its passengers to board with another additional bag, and for this one condition must be met: the bag must be small enough for you to place it under the seat.

Checked Baggage

As for hand baggage, Jet2 imposes its rules and restrictions in terms of weight and dimensions not to be exceeded in order to check in baggage in the hold:

As for hand baggage, Jet2 imposes its rules and restrictions in terms of weight and dimensions not to be exceeded in order to check in baggage in the hold: 3 x 22kg.

Upgrade your allowance: Excess (extra) baggage:

Exceeding this weight implies that you will have to pay additional costs to transport your baggage. Jet2 allows its passengers to check in overweight pieces (up to 32kg per bag) for a fee: £12 for each excess kilogram and £45 for each additional bag.

Traveling with luggage by plane while respecting Jet2 restrictions

Every time we have to go on a trip and we take a Jet2 plane, there is a recurring question that we ask ourselves: what are the dimensions of the suitcases to travel with this company?

Probably, nothing generates more stress when preparing for a trip than seeing yourself at the gate of your flight and the airline staff on duty telling the passenger that their hand luggage does not respect the maximum measures to enter the cabin or to be placed in the hold.

This happens every day, in different airports around the world. Passengers already have the boarding pass in their possession, so they do not go through the check-in counters and go directly to the boarding area, with the uncertainty of whether they are complying with the appropriate measures of their hand luggage.

You might think that once you have passed the first checks at the airport without going through the counters of the airline Jet2, you have overcome all the pitfalls, but this is not the case. Airline staff have specific drawers that have the specific measurements of allowable carry-on baggage, ready to weigh any item suspected of not meeting said measurements. They are trained to detect these bags, and they will not hesitate to check if passengers do not comply with the regulations.

Your hand baggage does not comply with the weight and dimensions limits of Jet2? Here are the consequences

As a general rule, the airline Jet2 allows the transport of a cabin suitcase and a handbag.

The size of hand luggage, accepted on Jet2 flights of 56x45x25 (Height x Width x Depth). The weight is ten kilograms.

If you adhere to this premise, you will surely have no problems with the low cost airline.

If in the end your luggage does not comply with the measures established by Jet2 for traveling in the cabin, your suitcase must go in the hold of the plane, with the following consequences:

– Loss of time for the entire passenger when boarding.

– The inconvenience of rushing to find the objects in our suitcase that we need to accompany us during the flight.

– Risk of your suitcase being lost or damaged when loading or unloading the aircraft hold.

– Waste of time at destination waiting for our suitcase to leave the conveyor belts at the airport.

– In most cases, a penalty is applied.

Packing well: The secret to traveling with peace of mind on board

For most people, packing before going on a trip with Jet2 is a task that is left to the last minute, at which point in the rush you don’t pack your bags in the best possible way, hoping for nothing. forgot important.

This tendency can undoubtedly cause mistakes that can ruin any trip.

Mistakes not to make when packing your luggage

The first of these mistakes is to overload the suitcase, to the point of no longer being able to lift it when it comes to the upper compartments of the plane, so they must ask for help from other passengers or a stewardess air. Be aware that lifting suitcases is not part of a flight attendant’s job and that airlines including Jet2 may require you to check suitcases if they weigh too much.

Another common problem is carrying too much carry-on baggage such as a wheeled suitcase, backpack and handbag as the gate may require the contents of one of these bags to be split between the two others. Jet2 charges excess baggage if it exceeds the weight or dimensions.

Placing objects that are going to be used during the flight, such as a book, tablet or earphones, inside the suitcase does not allow easy access to them and can cause blockages in the corridors of the aircraft and, with him, delays in the departure time of the flight.

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