Some of the most enjoyable weeks of summer are approaching and you’ve already got it all planned out, haven’t you? Hotel, plane tickets, vacation packages, but there is another important aspect of travel to watch out for, the dimensions of your luggage. How many kilos must a suitcase weigh to travel by air on a Qatar Airways flight? Set it now, looking to save yourself some hassle on departure day.

Hand Baggage (Carry-on): Allowance changes according to the fare of your booking

  • Economy Class: 1 x 7kg
  • Business/First Class: 2 x 7kg (or a total of 15kg)
  • Size (Dimensions): 112cm (50x37x25)

Checked Baggage: The number of pieces authorized to be carried in the hold varies according to the class of travel

Economy Class Business Class First Class
Itinerary Economy Class Classic Comfort Elite Comfort      Elite First Elite
On all flights 1 x 25kg 1 x 30kg 1 x 35kg 1 x 40kg 50 kg (the maximum weight of a single piece of luggage is 23 kg)
On flights to/from Africa or America  

2 x 23kg


2 x 32kg

2 x 32kg

Checked baggage must measure 158 cm by adding together the measurements of the three dimensions: Length, Width and Depth.

Extra Baggage: Additional baggage, larger in size or weight

Even though your allowance indicates how much baggage you can take into the cabin and check into the hold, you can adjust it using Qatar Airways’ online excess baggage purchase service.

Valuable rules for preparing luggage efficiently

When we are going to have an adventure like traveling, we get too excited and start planning our trip with great enthusiasm. Sometimes you can run around with so much to pack and start packing everything in your suitcase just in case.

Here are some quick and easy tips so you can carry your luggage with peace of mind on board a Qatar Airways aircraft. This means that you don’t miss anything, it is recognizable and can be easily transported.

Properly pack your luggage

It is essential that you pack well by creating a list of everything you are going to need. Often you want to take everything with you, while most of the time you don’t have to. To give you an idea, you should always travel with only one cabin suitcase and one backpack each.

It doesn’t matter if you are going for a six-day or six-week stay, for long trips you can always go to the laundromats when all the clothes are dirty. At first it seemed impossible to pack your bags with so little space, but you have to get used to it.

Another important thing is to pack on time. If we rush everything at the last minute, it is very likely that we will forget things. Therefore, it is recommended that you start the packing list a week before the trip, so that you can add things as they come to mind. A few days before, you can start choosing the clothes and putting them in the suitcase.

– Only put comfortable clothes in your baggage

Comfort over style. You must save this phrase on fire when packing. If you hesitate between two garments, always choose the most comfortable. On a trip, you’ll spend many hours exploring outside of the hotel, so prioritize clothes that make you feel your best.

An example of comfortable clothing can be sports clothing. Not only is it extremely comfortable and made from lightweight fabrics, but it’s also durable and practical for all-day active sightseeing.

For this reason, comfortable sports pants and casual T-shirts cannot be missing from the suitcase. Another type of clothing that you cannot miss is good jeans and a light jacket, especially if you are going to a place where the weather can be somewhat changeable. Plus, it’s great for layering up a bit on planes, where it’s usually quite chilly.

Finally, the most important thing is to wear comfortable shoes. During your trip, it is likely that you cover many kilometers each day because you think it is the best way to explore the places. It is therefore essential to wear shoes that do not cause injury or pain to the feet.

– Avoid losing your suitcase at the airport

Another aspect that you cannot ignore is the design of your suitcase. There are many designs you can choose from when choosing your suitcase, but it’s always very likely that someone on the other side of the world has a suitcase similar to yours. To avoid confusion when retrieving your checked baggage from the conveyor belt, we recommend attaching a band of a bright color or putting a cover with a special design on it, which is not all black, you can never miss a label with all your data. It is therefore advisable to purchase a hard rubber tag. If you put the paper ones provided by the airlines, they can be easily torn off when loading or unloading the plane.

Design is visually important, but you also need to consider versatility and ergonomics. Because? It is important that the design is practical and allows you to store everything you need in a quick and organized way. We recommend suitcase models that have compartments for internal organization. This way you can organize everything much more without having to search and mess up the whole suitcase to find just one thing.

Another relevant aspect is that your luggage should be as ergonomic as possible. We refer to the fact that it is comfortable to wear, does not involve extra effort and is easy for you to carry it everywhere.

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