The rule for transporting luggage on Emirates flights is not complex but sometimes depends on several criteria: The class of travel and the destination.

Whether it’s work and business essentials, travel souvenirs or gifts for loved ones, Emirates’ generous new simplified free baggage policies for travel to and from destinations around the globe offer customers an additional ease to plan and enjoy their trips.

– In Cabin (Handbag): Size and Weight

Passengers can carry an item of 7kg in Eco class, 10kg in Eco Premium class and 2 x 7 (14kg) in Business and First class.

Main baggage can measure up to 113cm while secondary baggage (in Business/First class) must not display measurements greater than 100cm (45x35x20).

– In Hold (Checked Baggage)

The number of bags to be checked in, their weights and their dimensions are assessed and calculated according to the fare or class of travel:


All destinations Weight (in kg)

To/From airports in Africa


Flights within America / Between the United States and Europe


–          Special 1×25


–          Saver



–          Flex


–          Flex Plus

Premium Economy 1×40



1×50 2×32
First 1×20


The size limit applied by Emirates for checked baggage is 150cm (215cm on flights departing from Dammam airport).

Add additional/extra baggage (find out the cost)

Baggage allowance means the total amount of suitcases and other items you carry on your flight. If you do not respect it, you will then be subject to charges. However, Emirates does give you the option to adjust your allowance to suit your baggage carrying needs. If you need to check in additional baggage, then you have the option of purchasing an excess and avoiding paying the penalty which is probably more expensive.

Traveling with peace of mind on board: Packing your bags well is one of the secrets

– Prepare your luggage in advance

Do not wait until the last minute to pack, this is one of the practical tips for packing your luggage quietly. If you’re packing your bags on the run, you’re likely to forget important things. Make a previous list and cross out everything you put. Besides, always leave some free space for the purchases you will make at your destination, since you will surely buy a souvenir or a gift.

– Check your airline’s baggage rules

If you’re traveling by plane, check Emirates baggage regulations. Every day there are more limitations in weights and measures. Avoid unpleasant surprises. Your suitcase may end up in the hold of the plane or pay extra. Check the measurements of the cabin suitcase before you even go to the airport.

– Take only what you need in your hand luggage

If your suitcase is stolen, you must have your documentation with you. Don’t forget to take out of the suitcase everything you need during the trip, such as your passport, your medicines or your destination guides. Also have a copy of your travel insurance in your hand luggage. If you have a delay, cancellation or need assistance, it helps to have your travel policy handy. Remember that you may need your travel assistance at any time.

– Avoid traveling with high cost items

We are talking here about overpriced smartphones or laptops. Think twice if you really have to travel with expensive watches or jewelry. Depending on the destination, it is always better to travel without valuables. Check your travel insurance coverage before you leave home.

– Don’t fold your clothes, roll them up

All travelers used this method. By rolling the clothes, you save much more space and do not wrinkle them even if you move.

Remember that it is almost impossible to pack the perfect luggage, something is always forgotten! Do not worry. Unless you’re heading to a remote destination, you can probably buy that sunscreen you forgot or some pants to take on that unexpected hike. Shopping in local markets is always a great travel experience.

– Secure your luggage against theft

Keep in mind that even if you follow these tips, there can be setbacks with your checked bag and it can be lost or stolen. To avoid the latter, check out these tips to prevent your bag from being stolen. Undoubtedly, it is best to take out travel insurance that covers this type of incident, so despite the disappointment you can continue your trip and enjoy it as you planned.

Don’t forget to check the limits of baggage insurance coverage. In the case of Traveling with Insurance, for example, you can insure your luggage up to one thousand five hundred euros, covering both theft and material damage to your suitcases. Baggage loss caused by the carrier is also covered. Keep in mind that the theft of your suitcase is always excluded from baggage insurance.

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