The Tunisian airline Nouvelair informs its customers of their baggage allowance once they confirm the reservation of their flights. However, there are those who want to know how much luggage they are allowed before making the reservation, and that is precisely why this guide was created.

Hand Baggage

In the cabin, you can board with a piece of luggage weighing 8kg and measuring 115cm (55x35x25).

Checked Baggage

Unlike several other air operators, Nouvelair has not changed its baggage policy and continues to allow checked baggage, which weighs between 10kg and 32kg, free of charge.


Light Easy


Adult/ Child Infant Adult/ Child Infant Adult/ Child


France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland

/ 1 x 10kg 1 x 25kg 1 x 10kg 1 x 32kg 1 x 10kg
UK / 1 x 10kg 1 x 20kg 1 x 10kg 1 x 30kg

1 x 10kg


Destination Passenger type
Adult/ Child



 1 x 30kg 1 x 10kg
Other destination (except Turkey) 1 x 20kg

1 x 10kg

Children (under 24 months) are also entitled to one checked bag of 10kg in addition to a stroller.

Extra Baggage: How much does a supplement (extra) cost?

Whether on national or international flights, Nouvelair allows you to travel with additional baggage (with a maximum weight of 23kg per piece) by paying €30 for each additional 10kg and €160 for each additional 50kg.

Packing bags: Avoid forgetting to take these things in your luggage

These are some of the most important things that cannot be missing from your luggage. You probably think nothing is going to happen to you and even less so when you travel, we know that feeling. But we can also tell you that if at some point they were needed and you don’t have them, you will remember that bad decision for the rest of the trip. The best, travel safe.

– Hygiene products: Although you can buy anywhere in the world, especially if you use a particular brand, it doesn’t hurt to pack a small bottle in your luggage.

– First aid kit: This section includes all the drugs you use regularly, as well as some generic drugs such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, …

– Recipes for medications you use regularly: You never know when you’ll need them.

Buy travel insurance: If there is something that we always recommend, it is to travel with the best travel insurance. In addition to renting it, don’t forget to carry a copy of the policy and all assistance numbers in an easily accessible place.

– Self-Sealing Clear Pouches: It may not seem like they’re necessary, but both for liquids at the airport and during travel, they often save you trouble.

– Respect liquid transport restrictions: Do not transport liquids over 100 ml. in hand luggage. We all know it, but it won’t be the first or the last time that we have to get rid of our favorite cream at the last moment to pass through airport security.

Put all your necessary documents in one bag

Documentation is another of the most important things that you cannot miss in your luggage and in this case preferably in your hand luggage. Carrying the documentation in a safe place, in an embarrassing situation, can save you a good problem and a hot flash.

– Passport;

– Copy of travel insurance policy;

– Booking flights, hotels, rental cars, …

– International driving license, if required;

– In addition to physical reserves, if necessary, it is preferable to have an offline access copy in the cloud. You never know when you’ll need it;

– As with reservations, it is strongly recommended to take a copy of all personal documents in the cloud;

– Medical prescriptions. If you regularly take medication, it is advisable to have a copy;

– Medical background. If you have a chronic disease or pathology, it is interesting and advisable to bring a document explaining the case, preferably in English;

– Useful telephone numbers of the destination. Before travelling, it is important to know the numbers of embassies, police, ambulances, etc. You probably won’t need them, but otherwise you’ll appreciate having them on hand;

– Debit or credit card, the latter essential if you are going to rent a car.

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