Air travel is an integral part of the holidays of millions of people in faraway countries and the most remote corners of the earth. The choice of this type of transport is very logical, therefore, one must familiarize oneself with the rules of transporting luggage on airplanes so as not to find ourselves in unpleasant situations at the airport.

For Hahn Air, the baggage transport rules are as follows:

Hand Baggage: Maximum weight to carry in the cabin

For Hahn Air, the baggage transport rules are as follows:

  • The agents at the airport weigh your cabin baggage and if it does not comply with the allowance proposed by your operator, it will be placed in the hold and considered as checked baggage.
  • If you plan to travel with this German company, be aware that you can carry a cabin baggage of 5 kg and which must not measure more than 115cm (55x40x20)

Checked Baggage: Number of pieces and their weights

As with cabin baggage, there are a number of factors to consider when collecting baggage for transport in the hold.

Check and consult the checked baggage regulations, established by the East German airline operator which are as follows: 1 x 15kg for all travellers.

Many airlines allow you to take extra items into the cabin and Hahn Air is one of them. For example, briefcase, laptop and outerwear, …

It is important to bear in mind that if you have purchased a ticket with transfer, in this case stricter baggage and hand baggage rules will apply among all those established by the airlines operating the flight.

Few people will dispute the fact that it is extremely unpleasant to find yourself without your luggage on arrival at your destination. This significantly spoils the mood, but also forces you to urgently look for a way out of the current situation under stressful conditions. You have to unexpectedly spend money on new things, search for missing suitcases, constantly distracted from the immediate purpose of your trip. In order to avoid such unpleasant misunderstandings and in order to maximally protect your luggage during the flight, it is worth remembering and putting into practice a small set of rules:

– Remove old stickers and labels from previous trips from your luggage. Get rid of even the smallest barcode stickers, these are often applied separately directly to the suitcase. These tags can subsequently disrupt the system that automatically scans and sorts baggage.

– For anything you intend to check in as luggage, whether it’s a suitcase, duffel bag, box or package, hang a name tag. Such an accessory, designed for reusable use, you can purchase in advance at a specialized store. Or use a paper label. As a rule, all more or less respectable air carriers provide them free of charge and without restrictions. You can get this tag from reception.

– Those who are particularly concerned about the safety of their belongings are advised to attach several tags to their suitcase at a time. That we are reusable. On it , leave information about the address of permanent residence, telephone number and e-mail address. On an additional paper label, indicate the duration of your stay in a new place, as well as all possible contacts. This is your hotel address and name, local phone number, if available. Duplicate your first and last name.

– At the check-in counter, be careful and make sure that the correct baggage tag that will be printed by the check-in agent is stuck on your suitcase. It shows the code of the city you are going to and your flight number.

– Make your luggage visible and recognizable. It is not always possible to blame the movers or the technical failures of the sorting system for the delay of the suitcases. Sometimes the misunderstanding is caused by another passenger who, out of distraction and fatigue after a long flight, took the exact same black case or ordinary sports bag from the baggage carousel that you had. To avoid this, mark your luggage. Add a bunch of colorful ribbons or a not too big plush to the handle, give the body a bright, broad self-adhesive sheen. And you can even at the stage of choosing in the store give preference to the extraordinary colors of the suitcase.

Add additional or excess baggage

For those who wish to travel with one or more pieces of baggage whose weight or dimensions do not comply with the allowance applied by Hahn Air, the German airline invites them to use its online baggage supplement purchase service.

2 Replies to “All information about Hahn Air’s baggage policy”

  1. Fabio Rosellen

    I have one checked in baggage around 15-20 kg
    And a music instrument a guitar with me ,no other hand baggage.
    Does that work with the baggage allowance ?

  2. Josephus Oerlemans

    We booked with 4 persons to fly with Hahnair. We booked with edreams. nr12074002***. From Bru to Ayt in Turkey on 03/10 until 24/10/23. With flights H1 1398 and H1 1399. How many kilo we can put in handbaggage. And how many in the suitcase. We would like to put 20kg in de suitcase. Is that possible?

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