Free baggage allowance is offered on all Jet Airways flights to and from all destinations in its network.

Hand Baggage (Cabin)

The rules regarding the weight and size of hand luggage are as follows:

  • A piece of 7kg if you are flying on a domestic route, and 10kg if you are taking an international flight.
  • Business class passengers can carry 10kg in the cabin.

Travelers in both classes can also bring additional small hand luggage such as a handbag, a laptop, etc.

Please note that there may be penalties payable at the airport if your baggage exceeds the weight and dimensions set by Jet Airways. In this case, you are supposed to pay for them to be authorized to transport them by plane.

In order to avoid scandal, it is best to check the weight and size of your luggage before going to the airport, and even if you want to add weight and other pieces to your reservation, you can do so. by purchasing additional baggage.

Checked Baggage

By holding a valid flight reservation with Jet Airways, you are entitled to travel with checked baggage on the various routes (domestic and international) at no additional cost. The maximum permitted size and weight of checked baggage is listed below:

Weight Size
Domestic Flight 1 x 23kg


International Flight

1 x 32kg

Extra Baggage: Fee for adding excess baggage allowance

If your baggage is oversized, you may be required to pay an additional 100 to 150 USD for each extra. These incidental charges can still be avoided if you adjust your baggage allowance in advance by purchasing excess baggage at discounted prices.

Afraid of losing your baggage at the airport?

One of travelers’ worst nightmares is that their luggage gets lost at the airport. This guide compiles useful information to avoid becoming one of the millions of passengers who experience lost luggage each year.

About half of all lost baggage is lost during transfer to another aircraft, more than a further quarter is lost because it is mislabeled or mishandled by airport employees, while there is baggage that does not even leave the departure airport.

In other words, the odds will never be in your favor but there is the possibility of preventing your business from being lost.

– Do not carry heavy luggage

Although all the airports and mainly the international ones are very rigorous in the security checks in order to avoid any problematic situation; the risk of lost luggage is always present. It can be stolen, lost, sent to the wrong destination or left at the airport of origin.

In most cases, lost luggage is something that escapes the hands of passengers and can happen to even the most careful. And when this happens, endless collateral issues are generated such as missed flights, extra expenses, setbacks and disappointments that can leave us stuck in the middle of the airport with no options.

This is the most obvious but certainly the most valuable advice. Traveling light is a virtue that will allow you to carry your suitcase in the cabin and therefore not lose sight of it. Another tip is to try to board the plane as soon as possible. Often, when the luggage space is exhausted, airlines including Jet Airways are forcing the last passengers in to check in their luggage.

– Distinguish your baggage from those of other passengers by labeling it

Hang a ribbon, stickers, accessories or any other badge that distinguishes it from others, this to try to prevent someone from taking it by mistake from the baggage strips.

Don’t forget to place a label with your name, phone number, email and more contact information. For the airline or even some ignorant people, it will be easier to contact you with this personal information.

– Traveling with an ugly suitcase

Suitcases, like everything else, all the more beautiful because they attract attention, especially from long-handed envious people. For this reason it is better to use a simple, functional and manageable suitcase but at the same time able to go unnoticed.

– Avoid securing your suitcases with flashy padlocks

A big red padlock does not deter anyone, on the contrary, it only draws more attention to orders. Those who carry your suitcase will not hesitate to take pliers, break the padlock and the zipper to find out what you are suspiciously keeping. If someone wants to open your suitcase, they will do so with or without a padlock.

– What if your suitcase does not appear on the baggage carousel?

If you are waiting on the conveyor belt and your bag does not appear, you must go to your airline’s counter and file your claim. It is important that in this situation you moderate your behavior and do not interfere with the employees. They’re just as sick of hearing complaints as you are. It is better to go there with a positive and non-confrontational attitude, so they will more eagerly help you to collect your luggage.

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