Open the carry-on suitcase to pressurize the bag. Test how many jackets you can layer to reduce the weight of your luggage. If you do not want to be the protagonist of these situations in the airport boarding area, consult the regulations on the size of hand/checked baggage at NEOS Air.

This guide compiles all the information about all the suitcase measures and personal accessories approved by the private Italian airline to take them with you in the cabin and in the hold of the plane.

To a large extent, passengers’ doubts are caused by the absence of general regulations on this issue, each company having the power to set its own standards. In the case of NEOS Air, you are entitled to the following baggage allowance:

– Hand Baggage (Carry-on)

As explained on its website, the Italian airline offers only one carry-on option: 1 x 8kg; size: 115cm (55x40x20).

– Checked Baggage

An additional accessory may also be transported outside this allowance. It can be a handbag, briefcase, mobile computer, …

Extra Baggage: Add excess

If the hand luggage exceeds the dimensions, it will be transported in the hold while on the checked luggage does not comply with the policy of NEOS Air, a penalty will be charged and must be paid before boarding.

If the hand luggage exceeds the dimensions, it will be transported in the hold while on the checked luggage does not comply with the policy of NEOS Air, a penalty will be charged and must be paid before boarding. However, it is possible to avoid it if you buy a supplement before check-in, in, the cost of which is reduced.

Carry-on baggage on board NEOS Air flights: What is allowed and what is prohibited?

We are all clear about what can be checked in and what cannot, but doubts assail us when we start packing our bags. This guide helps you dispel all doubts about what can and cannot be carried in hand luggage when traveling with the Italian airline.

– Take food with you in the cabin?

As a general rule, you can take food on the plane when traveling with NEOS Air. However, you should keep in mind that liquid foods or spreads, such as candies or jams, must meet the restrictions for other liquids and you may need to distribute them. There may also be customs restrictions depending on the destination you are traveling to and the food you are bringing. But snacks, sandwiches and sweets are allowed.

– Take medicines into the cabin

Analgesics and anti-inflammatories, a thermometer, bandages and dressings for chafing, cotton wool, sore throat lozenges, sunscreen, a razor and some cream or gel that relieves the fatigue of the legs if the idea is to walk a lot.

Along with this first aid kit, it will also be necessary to prepare the toiletry bag with all the necessary personal hygiene products in a separate transparent bag. When going through airport screening, it is important that all medications are properly labeled with the expiry date and that you have the prescription paper with you.

In principle, syrups that exceed 100 ml cannot go in the cabin, but if we have to take them during the trip, we must take them separately and with their medical prescription so that they do not make us throw them away.

Transport of liquids: Rules are applied by NEOS Air

This airline does not say NO to carrying liquids in your cabin baggage, but it only allows you to carry small amounts of liquids, whether water, creams, syrups, lotions, toothpaste, perfume, shaving foam, deodorant or shower gel, … which must be in individual containers not exceeding 100 ml. These containers must be packaged in a transparent self-closing plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one liter maximum (a bag measuring 20 x 20 cm), in order to facilitate the inspection of these products at security checks. At the airport control, we must leave visible the transparent bag containing the containers.

Take away products purchased at the airport, in Duty Free stores

It is after going through the security check at the airport that each of the passengers can buy liquids in any Duty Free store without any problem, although you must ensure that the bag has been well sealed and keep it closed until you reach your destination. These liquids are added to the maximum liter they allow you to carry inside the transparent bag.

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