The final price of the Etihad Airways flight ticket does not always include the cost of the baggage we carry on board. The size and weight allowed in the cabin depends on your airline: if you don’t want to pay extra or have last-minute surprises, follow this guide which collects information on the maximum dimensions that each airline allows for luggage in cabin.

There are many items and equipment that you constantly need while travelling, but if you have to fly to get to your destination, you should be aware that there are baggage restrictions.

Regarding the transport of baggage in the cabin or in the hold, the airline Etihad Airways applies its own restrictions:

– Hand Baggage: Maximum weight and dimensions

What baggage can you bring in the cabin? Rather, the question you have to ask yourself is how many pieces are it allowed carrying and what should its weight and size be? You find answers to all these questions in this guide:

On all flights within the Etihad network, you are allowed one piece of baggage weighing 7kg. As for the size, it can reach 115cm when you add the length (56cm), width (36cm) and height (23cm).

– Checked Baggage: Weight, size and limited number of suitcases

Etihad Airways allows the carriage of checked baggage free of charge for its passages having chosen one of the following fares: Sale, Value, Choice, Choice Plus or GuestSeat. A single bag weighing 23kg is included in their baggage allowance.

The Emirati company charges additional fees for overweight or excess baggage.

Overweight or oversized carry-on baggage is placed in the hold, and charges are applied by the airline for its transportation.

Extra Baggage: How much does excess baggage cost?

The baggage in the hold is already in its place, but you arrive at the boarding gate with the suitcase that you plan to take into the cabin and they reject it because its dimensions exceed those authorized by the company with which you plan to fly.

This misadventure does not only stop there but also affects the pocket.

In addition to the measurements of hand luggage, another aspect that may cause a surcharge in the ticket price is the weight. In some cases, it is limited to seven kilos, as is the case with the Etihad airline.

If you need to take extra baggage with you on the plane, you have only one choice, buy extra. For this, you can pay an excess online and save up to 30% on its cost.

Avoid paying additional costs before departure

For this, it is always recommended to measure and weigh the cabin baggage and check that it does not exceed the measurements set by the airline with which you are going to travel.

In addition to acquiring suitcases for hand luggage of the specified dimensions, it is never useless to find out before formalizing the flight about all the conditions related to luggage by consulting the company’s website or by telephone, knowing that the conditions can change within the same company according to the destination, the class, the type of ticket, even the model of plane. Similarly, Etihad Airways normally accepts a cabin bag plus an accessory such as a bag, computer, camera, but you should be aware of any restrictions on this second carry-on and hold baggage.

Carry-on baggage: Please ensure that these items are not carried in your carry-on suitcase

– Security regulations prevent or limit the shipment of many products or everyday items

At the airport, controls are increasingly strict to detect and confiscate unauthorized objects. These are utensils that you can often do without, but other times it can create a bit of a problem for us not being able to have them on our vacation.

To avoid last minute inconvenience, it is best that before packing your suitcase and going to the airport, it is best to check what items you can take on a plane.

Many items must go in the hold of the plane and not as hand luggage in the cabin, so it is important to know the regulations.

– Rules for transporting liquids

Any liquid over 100ml, including those for hygiene, grooming or beauty, will be seized at security, so it’s important that you get bottles of gel, conditioner, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, hair gel, hair mousse or a smaller than usual body cream or travel size.

Everything must be placed in a transparent bag with a closure system and a maximum volume of one litre, which must be placed in a visible place and separated from the rest of the hand luggage in the inspection tray.

A great tip to save yourself headaches with personal care liquids is to switch to solids. It is now possible to find shampoos, conditioners, deodorants and toothpastes in pill form almost everywhere. Not only will this reduce the risk of spills in your carry-on, but you’ll also use less plastic on your travels.

– Electronic devices in your cabin baggage?

Laptop, phone, tablet, hair dryer or straightener, camera or video camera, iron, electric razor, e-book and e-cigarette are allowed as long as the refill does not exceed the authorized 100ml.

– Other items, whether or not accepted in the cabin


Accepted/refused in cabin (yes/no)

A corkscrew



Knife with a sharp or pointed blade longer than 6 cm

Small scissors with blades less than 6 cm


Large scissors with blades longer than 6 cm

Fixed razor blades (disposable)


Open blades and razors

Round tip scissors (any length)



Nail clipper



knitting needles


Sewing needles



Walking stick




Safety matches





Liquid for contact lenses

Automatic Knife


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