Before taking a flight with Jet4You or even booking it, it is very important to read the fine print of the Moroccan airline, where it explains its conditions when it comes to bringing baggage with you in the cabin or checking it in the hold:

– Hand Baggage

The Moroccan carrier allows you to carry a baggage of 6kg in the cabin with total dimensions of 85cm (40x25x20). If exceeded, a penalty of 60 Euros will be charged by Jet4You.

– Checked Baggage

The checked-in baggage service is free on flights between Brussels, Nador, Oujda and Tangier, and charged for on other flights.

The cost of transporting checked baggage (20kg maximum) is €11.

If, on the other hand, you buy a supplement in order to carry additional baggage, it seems like a good idea to travel with additional baggage while avoiding penalties, the amount of which is excessively expensive.

Excess baggage prices are set at 8€/kg if you buy them online, and 12€/kg if you buy them at the airport.

Traveling comfortably by plane: What type of suitcases are suggested?

Maybe that carry-on you have at home isn’t useful for your next trip. Because you should ask yourself two questions about it: What is the ideal choice for a stay, but also for a trip by plane, Trolley or handbag?

Think about how much weight you will put in the suitcase and how long you will carry it during your trip. A weekend suitcase with few clothes, which you are going to leave at the hotel as soon as you arrive at your destination to pick it up until you leave, is not the same as a heavy hand luggage that you go transport through several airports, means of transport or destinations. It is true that the wheels and the telescopic handles make it easier for you to transport your suitcase without having to carry weight, but they also reduce the interior space and increase its weight.

Before choosing your suitcase to pack and bring your luggage, consider the weight of the items in the suitcase and whether there will be delicate items or not. Rigid suitcases better protect the contents of the luggage, but they have the disadvantage of being heavier and more rigid, which reduces interior space and makes it difficult to distribute objects. It is also more difficult to locate them in overhead compartments or under the front seat of the aircraft cabin and in the trunk of a crowded car. On the contrary, suitcases or fabric bags offer less protection but are much lighter, more spacious and adaptable when it comes to putting them in the cabin or in the car.

You’ll also need to consider the type of trip you’ll be taking to determine when to start packing. There may be things that you don’t have at home and that you need to buy such as sunscreen, medication, power adapter, … It is therefore advisable to make a list of everything you need to your getaway in advance.

Weigh your bags before going to the airport

Most airlines including Jet4You do not care about cabin baggage weight. Sure, they weigh checked luggage, but if your bag is small enough, they won’t bat an eyelid. It is therefore suggested to travel with a backpack and carry-on luggage so that you do not have to check them in. If they fit under your seat and in the overhead compartment, then you’re good to go.-

Travel with more luggage while avoiding overweight penalties

Paying extra to carry more weight or size of luggage is an increasingly common occurrence. A low-cost airline like Jet4You has returned to this old tradition and has become strict with baggage again, to the point of only allowing one piece of baggage on board.

However, there is a practical solution to avoid paying for extra baggage and having to check it in:

– Use a bag instead of a suitcase

Shopping bags are considered carry-on baggage on such an airline and follow the same size and weight regulations as other baggage. As we already know, people who do not have priority boarding can only take a small piece of luggage on the plane and the suitcase is taken down in the hold free of charge; but this fact may bother many travelers who don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting on the treadmill for a short ride or pay more. However, by placing the items in a large bag, you can prevent them from being taken down in the hold.

How do I check in an extra suitcase without paying?

Many travelers pack one suitcase into another, go through security and get to the end of the boarding line. There, airline staff often look for passengers who want to check in their bags without paying because the overhead compartments fill up quickly. In this way, it is possible to squeeze in a carry-on suitcase and another to check in free of charge.

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