Flying with British Airways is nothing trivial. For a comfortable and pleasant trip, each flight must be prepared and anticipated. To make the task easier, we rely on the right allies and the best possible accessories. Whether it’s to sleep well, to avoid queues or to enjoy good entertainment during the flight, some accessories are more essential than others. But it is also necessary to take into consideration the limit of weight and dimensions imposed by British Airways and that you must absolutely respect it to be able to travel with your luggage on board its planes.

Hand luggage: What allowance is offered to you by the British airline?

A handbag of 7kg and a maximum size of 101cm (45x36x20)cm. Any additional baggage will be transferred to the hold.

Checked baggage: Prepare your baggage according to British Airways rules

The maximum weight or dimensions accepted by British Airways for the carriage of checked baggage do not change. All passengers are permitted to carry one 23kg bag (plus one extra bag) measuring 40x30x15cm (85cm).

– Carry a child’s luggage

Children are considered to be passengers aged two years or less. Their parents can carry them a bag that weighs 23kg and measures 126cm (56x45x25cm).

Traveling on a flight that includes one or more connections means that the allowance may vary depending on the connection, especially if it will be provided by another airline, except if it is American Airlines.

Traveling with additional or non-standard baggage (oversized or overweight)

In order for your baggage to comply with British Airways rules, it must comply with the weight and dimensions rule. However, it is still possible to change your baggage allowance using the online supplement purchase service offered by the British company.

Packing and preparing your suitcase, the best tips for traveling with your luggage by plane

To save time, it is better to prepare your suitcase well before leaving on a trip. Drink, food, tools, … Discover everything you can put in a cabin bag to take the plane.

Preparing your cabin suitcase is quite an organization. When flying, everything must be done with care, especially when traveling only with cabin baggage. Paying for a bag in the hold is out of the question, you know how to travel light. But when it’s time to put all your things in your small suitcase, you have a doubt: how much liquid can you carry? What products are prohibited on the plane? What is allowed in a cabin suitcase?

First of all, you must ask yourself what are the dimensions of cabin baggage. To avoid making a mistake, find out from the company with which you are going to embark.

Often, the information is sent to you by email when you receive the plane tickets. Also pay attention to the weight of your suitcase, as some companies also set limits. Respect the requests, because the companies are very strict on this point. If your baggage does not respect the given dimensions, it will go directly to the hold, wasting you time… and money, because this service is far from free.

Once your suitcase has been carefully selected, you will have to fill it. If you take a flight with British Airways, you are also entitled to carry-on baggage in addition to a handbag or accessories in addition to your cabin baggage. Organize your belongings in advance and store in the depths of your suitcase the clothes and accessories that you will not need on the plane. Keep your papers in one of your handbags including your passport, your charger, your sunglasses for example. Also keep electronic and fragile objects with you such as your smartphone, laptop, e-reader, camera, etc. These will be treated better than when they are placed in the hold and must be presented outside your bag when passing security checks.

To put a maximum of clothes and belongings in your suitcase, bet on this technique: roll all your clothes, they will take up less space and will be better stored. For your beauty products, pay attention to the quantity! In the cabin, only flasks and bottles of less than 100ml are tolerated. All your bottles must then be put in a transparent plastic bag and these must not be more than ten pieces.

If you have luggage in the hold, choose this one to store your beauty products and liquids. For the rest, you can use empty bottles in travel size to carry the right amount of your favorite treatments.

Items prohibited in cabin baggage

As we know, the regulations concerning cabin suitcases are much stricter than those for checked baggage. To prevent your suitcase from being searched from top to bottom, check the list of prohibited items in the cabin. Among them are sharp objects such as knives or razor blades, scissors, explosives, flammable products, firearms, nail clippers, tools, chemical and toxic substances, etc. In the same way as the dimensions of your cabin.

Food and certain drinks are sometimes prohibited in baggage, especially if you are leaving your continent. Indeed, certain food products based on meat, eggs or milk may be prohibited in the territory you are visiting, as well as plants and seeds. If in doubt, seek advice from your company or travel agency.

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