Japan Airlines is an airline that imposes its own rules for carrying baggage by offering a free allowance to all passengers booking air tickets with the carrier. The number of bags allowed varies by class of travel.

– Hand Baggage

In the cabin, passengers are allowed to carry a single piece of baggage of 10kg + a personal bag whose weight is included in the ten kilograms allowed, knowing that your luggage can measure 115cm. The size is calculated by adding the length (55cm), the width (40cm) and the depth (25cm).

– Checked Baggage

Traveling in the Economy or Premium Economy cabin allows you to check in 2 x 23kg, while flying in Business class allows you to check in 3 x 32kg.

Members of the JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) and JAL Global Club (JGC) rewards program can travel with one additional piece of baggage in the hold: 3 in Eco class, and 4 in Business class.

Each piece checked into the hold must not measure more than 203cm.

Traveling with more baggages: Buy half extras online

If you need to bring more than one coin or other items on board the aircraft and the baggage allowance does not allow it, it may be worth considering paying extra for additional baggage space. It’s much cheaper than paying a penalty at the airport on the day of departure.

Excess baggage charges can be paid in cash or with mile points.

Getting on a Japan Airlines plane: With how much luggage?

When you make a short trip or on the contrary so long that it requires carrying more than one piece of luggage, you must resort to the dreaded hand luggage. And it is that, the weight and size limits of the suitcase or the restrictions imposed by the laws and the airlines, force you to have to juggle when preparing your luggage.

If you are about to take a flight with Japan Airlines International, in this situation, the first thing you can do is check the baggage allowance it offers you, (the amount of pieces you can carry).

Regarding your hand luggage, it is always advisable to have valuables, personal documents and spare clothes in case your suitcases are lost or you do not receive them at the time of your arrival.

Take into account that security measures at airports are now very strict, so there are prohibited items in hand luggage. In this aspect, the best thing is that once you have booked your plane ticket with Japan Airlines International, you get in touch with a representative of the Japanese airline or your travel agency and clarify all your doubts regarding your luggage and what you can and can’t take, especially if it’s your first time traveling by plane.

It is better to know the rules when traveling by plane (check them above) to avoid any shock in our vacation, packing seems like a simple task, but you should never neglect the rules of carrying luggage put in place by your airline, otherwise the cost will be expensive.

Measure your suitcases before departure: What’s the best way to do it?

Size is measured height x length x width including wheels, handles or knobs. To measure a suitcase, it must be placed on a flat surface:

– Height is measured from the base to the tallest part of the suitcase, usually to the top handle or the handle when folded.

– To measure the length, you are required to place the ruler on the front part of the suitcase, and you will measure from the loop from left to right, including if it has the handles and the fittings. Finally, for the width, you have to measure the side of the suitcase.

Protect yourself against unpleasant surprises on arrival (loss or damage to luggage)

Travel insurance with baggage coverage includes compensation for damage, loss or theft of the same. Also, if you experience a delay of a certain number of hours in the delivery of your checked baggage, the insurance company will pay for the essentials you purchase. In the event of loss of baggage on a scheduled flight, the insurer will use all the means at its disposal to locate it and, if it is found, send it back to you free of charge. In addition to these guarantees, travel assistance insurance is essential to benefit from free, adequate medical care at destination.

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