If you plan to travel by plane with Iberia, here are some precautions to take before departure so that you don’t forget anything and fly away with peace of mind.

Holidays require such organization that no one is immune to a last-minute oversight. Here are some tips to avoid inconvenience and guarantee you a more peaceful trip.

Hand luggage: How many handbags, and what are their weights

The baggage allowance offered to passengers is calculated according to their travel classes:

Economy/Economy Premium: 1 x 10kg
Business Class (Short haul): 1 x 14kg
Business Class (Long Haul): 2 x 14kg

Regarding the size of the luggage, it must respect the following dimensions: 56cm x 40cm x 25cm

Please note that Iberia allows you to bring an additional handbag measuring up to 85cm (40x30x15).

Checked Baggage: Discover the conditions and restrictions of Iberia in terms of number, weight and size of luggage

The baggage allowance offered to passengers is calculated according to their travel classes:

Fare /Flight

Short haul (domestic flight)


Medium or long haul (regional/international flight)
Economy Basic Payant


Economy Optional/Comfort/Optional Flex/Flexible

1 X23kg 1 x 23kg
Premium Economy Promotional/Optional/Optional Flex/Flexible 2 X 23kg


Business Promotional/Comfort/Promotional Flex/Flexible

2x23kg 2 x 23kg
Business Optional 2 x 23kg

1 x 23

Extra baggage: Buy excess and travel with additional suitcases

With regard to the transport of luggage, Iberia applies strict restrictions, however, it allows you to modify your allowance to travel with additional luggage or items that display additional weight.

This requires using Iberia’s excess baggage purchase service to carry up to 9 additional pieces, the maximum weight accepted for each piece being 32kg.

What suitcase to travel with peace of mind by plane?

Soft or stiff, medium or large, four wheels or not at all? Are you lost in the suitcase department with so many choices? The main criteria to take into account to travel with ease.

Indeed, we are sometimes attracted by a beautiful suitcase in which we already imagine everything that we will be able to store inside. But the choice of your luggage depends first of all on your travel habits.

– Your suitcase must be chosen according to your use during the stay

Are you a fan of short stays or on the contrary long trips? Do you like trips in several stages to discover a country or region and therefore with several transfers during which you will have to carry your suitcase? Do you prefer to rent a fully equipped accommodation for the holidays in which you can do the laundry and thus reduce your wardrobe to a minimum? Do you prefer to travel by car, plane or train? If you are a globetrotter, you already know that a small lightweight suitcase is suitable for you.

What size suitcase for your next trip with Iberia?

Small, medium or large? It all depends on how you travel and your ability to carry the essentials, … The bigger a suitcase, the more the temptation to fill it increases and vice versa. There are three main sizes: cabin suitcase, medium or large suitcase. The cabin suitcase is the one for weekends, the one that does not require checking in the hold for air travel. Choose a model with at least two wheels to pull it effortlessly.

The medium size is perfect for stays of one week to ten days. The model above, 70-79 cm, will be suitable for a fortnight, especially in winter when sweaters and closed shoes quickly take up space.

Do you prefer to travel with a soft or hard suitcase?

A rigid suitcase is stronger and absorbs shocks better than a soft suitcase. It is also more waterproof. It will be your preference if you often fly. But it is also heavier unless you fall for an ultra-lightweight model made of innovative materials. A lightness that has a price. The weight of the suitcase is a very important criterion to check before making your choice, especially if no one will carry your luggage for you on the stairs or in transport… By choosing a rigid suitcase, you will also have more choice in the colors. For some travellers, this is an important criterion, in particular for finding their luggage in the blink of an eye on the conveyor belt upon arrival at the airport. An original color, but not too light to avoid traces from the first trip.

A soft canvas suitcase has other arguments: it is lighter and is generally equipped with a gusset which increases its storage capacity. Often very practical on the way back to store souvenirs. But some rigid suitcases are also equipped with it.

Soft side suitcases have a little extra that some travelers appreciate: the very useful front outer pocket for slipping in a magazine or a pair of flip-flops at the last minute. They are also less expensive.

Another detail to take into account when making your purchase: the padlock of your suitcase. If you are traveling to the United States, your suitcase must be equipped with a padlock or a TSA-approved lock (red diamond) that customs can open with a special key, without destroying your lock. On newer models, it is included.

How about a travel bag? This can be handy for a short stay, as it is smaller than a suitcase. Some brands offer a model in three sizes with original colors, from two to four wheels that open in two like a suitcase. On the other hand, if you can’t stand wrinkled clothes, go your way, the bag is not for you.

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