In the world of air transport, each airline has its own regulations regarding the carriage of baggage, the maximum number and size of baggage that can be carried are set by the carrier operating the flight. These restrictions generally vary according to the booking fare or the class of travel.

If your next flight will be with Iraqi Airways, be aware that the Asian company will allow you to fly with certain numbers of bags (for free).

– Hand Baggage

In the cabin, you are authorized to carry a maximum of one hand luggage of 7kg, and which must not display measurements greater than these: 43cmx28cmx23cm.

The allowance also includes small items that can be easily stowed in your pockets or under the seats such as cell phones, tablets or laptops.

– Checked Baggage

In the hold, the weight limit is 40 kg. You will need to check with the Iraqi company if you have any special baggage requirements.

  • Economy Class: 1 x 25kg
  • Business Class: 1 x 40kg

Traveling with additional or extra baggage on an Iraqi Airways flight?

If you exceed these limits, Iraqi Airways reserves the right to charge an additional fee prior to boarding requiring you to pay $10 for each additional kilogram.

Mistakes to avoid when packing your luggage

– Do not fill the whole suitcase

A very common packing mistake is not taking advantage of every space in your luggage, every pocket, every corner. That’s why it’s important that you make your list, take into account the destination and the things you hope to do in that destination, and do a study of the dimensions of your suitcase.

– Traveling with heavy suitcases

The market is saturated with beautiful suitcases, which are probably made of a super hard and resistant material, but perhaps too heavy a material.

– Not listing the items you need in your luggage

You should know that lists are great for organizing what we are going to pack for the trip.

Your list should be based on destination, travel time and weather; but it is also important that you think about the type of activities you want to do in the destination.

If you are going to walk a lot, if you want to party in the evening or if it involves outdoor activities.

Make your list thinking about all this, use the travel diary which includes a checklist to better organize your suitcase and thus avoid making mistakes when preparing for your next trip.

– Take medicines in luggage without prescriptions

It can happen and many, taking drugs whose component is prohibited in the country where you are going.

They won’t put you in jail or anything like that, but they’ll probably throw it away when a security guard checks it.

To avoid this, inform your personal doctor of your travel plans and possible destinations, it is very likely that he will know if this medicine is not authorized and can help you to replace it.

– Do not inquire about the weather of the destination

Especially nowadays the weather is often unpredictable, it is important that when you know the destination of your trip, check the weather.

– Put valuables in checked baggage

If you plan to carry high-value items such as jewelry, do not place them in your checked baggage.

It’s best to always carry them with you in your hand luggage, along with cash or a tech gadget.

The theft of an object from your suitcase happens very rarely, but it is better to prevent an unpleasant moment in your trip.

– Do not put a copy of travel documents

This should be one of your priorities when organizing everything for the trip.

Make backups of all documents you carry, such as: making a digital copy of your credit card, copies of your passport, vaccination cards, travel insurance documents.

You can scan everything and save them to file in existing apps to organize information like dropbox, trello, evernote.

– Forgetting to pack hygienic accessories in your luggage

Although you may think that these items can be obtained in another country or at the hotel, this is not always the case and if you are traveling on a tight budget, spending on these products can upset your plans a bit.

There are essential accessories that you must keep like your toothbrush or your hair comb. It’s those basic accessories that you can’t forget at home.

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