The airline Helvetic Airways determines itself for which fare baggage is provided and for which it is not. Indeed, the Swiss airline offers tickets whose luggage is included in the price :

– Hand Baggage

Before flying, check the rules of the Swiss airline and the exact weight limit for hand luggage.

As far as hand luggage is concerned, you can now take on board up to 5 kg of objects for free (55x40x20) on one piece with total dimensions of 115cm.

Beyond the 5 kg of hand luggage allowed, passengers will be able to carry baby food, outdoor clothing, goods from duty-free shops, a handbag or a mobile microcomputer, free of charge, …

– Checked Baggage

The baggage allowance depends on the airline and the class of the ticket purchased. But, in a flight operated by Helvetic Airways, the free baggage allowance is 23 kilograms on all its flights.

Extra Baggage: Transport additional items

Helvetic Airways also gives you the opportunity to carry more baggage on board its planes by using its excess baggage purchase service which is chargeable: A single additional piece of baggage can cost between 82 and 155 Euros, knowing that the weight maximum of a single piece of luggage is limited to 46kg knowing that the total dimensions are limited to 230cm.

Tips for packing compact luggage

A few days before the trip, make a list of everything you will be packing in your luggage to use during your stay.

Review it in a few days, you will surely see what you can do without. Put the essentials first, such as documents and medicines, in the bag and then only the less important ones. It will be easy for you to refuse them if you realize that you have exceeded the limit.

– Plan in advance how much you will wear such and such

A dress can be worn twice and jeans last three days. You can also immediately sort things into sets: this way you won’t take anything extra and you won’t have to painfully choose what to wear.

Shampoos, creams and other cosmetics should be transported in special small containers (up to 100 ml).

Remember that many hotels offer a minimum of soap, shampoo and shower gel.

– Find your own way to pack compactly

You can use vacuum bags, blankets and envelopes, or roll each item into a tight roll – so the clothes wrinkle much less. Socks and underwear can be neatly folded into shoes.

Put on the heaviest and bulkiest clothes and shoes (jeans, jackets, boots).

In addition, outdoor clothing can be carried free of charge in addition to hand luggage.

Put all valuables, equipment (laptops, tablets, cameras), books in a purse, briefcase or backpack. They are not considered hand luggage, which means they will not add weight to your belongings.

Don’t be afraid of innovations, they won’t overshadow your travels. Many are used to the fact that luggage is often included in the ticket price, but such tickets do not go anywhere, they can always be easily purchased. But there was an opportunity to save on the flight by choosing a non-refundable fare without luggage, but with hand luggage.

If you have a short trip coming up or you plan to move from hotel to hotel and you don’t need a lot of things, this is an opportunity to buy a ticket at a discount advantageous and to travel light. All of these tips will help you prepare your luggage well and take only the essentials – after all, impressions are much more important than things.

Packing before flying with Helvetic Airways

If you’re planning your first flight or don’t know what to consider, here are five things to make your trip easier.

– Bring only comfortable clothes in your luggage

While it’s important to choose the best clothes when packing and checking the weather of the destination you’ll be visiting, it’s equally important to wear clothes during the flight that make us feel comfortable and comfortable, above all, who take care of our health.

Prepare the baggage: Learn how to do it first

Pack only what you need? In the first place, we must learn to forget the And and the If because this will only cause us to wear additional clothes and/or accessories due to intuitions of rain, changes in weather or plans.

To avoid this, when making your itinerary, check the weather of the place you are going to visit and consider only the activities you want to do. There is no point in wearing a bathing suit if you are not going to the beach or visit a place where you are safe to swim.

Bags are lost or delayed, it’s no secret. There are travelers who can save money and arrange everything to travel only with hand luggage, thus saving baggage in the hold.

However, checking baggage can help you carry items that are not permitted in the cabin.

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