Corsair is a French airline that serves flights to many international destinations from its base at Paris-Orly airport.

What travelers planning to take a flight with this company are looking for the most is the baggage allowance it offers on board its flights, the number of suitcases to be carried in the cabin and in the hold, their total weight and their dimensions maximum.

– Hand Baggage

How much hand luggage can each Corsair passenger carry? The baggage allowance is indicated on the electronic ticket, and you will notice that it is not the same for all travelers, but depends above all on their travel classes:

  • Economy Class: 1 x 12kg
  • Premium&Business Class: 1 x 18kg

– Checked Baggage

Things are not much different when it comes to the transport and registration of checked baggage. If you have booked a flight with CorsairFly, you will discover that your plane ticket entitles you to:


Rate Number of Pieces and Weight

Economy Class

Classic/Smart/Flex 1 x 23 (2 x 23 on flights to/from Paris and Africa)

1 x 23kg only on flights between Paris and Africa


2 x 23kg
Young (12 to 14 years old)

2 x 23kg

Premium/Business Class

2 x 32kg

Baggage dimensions must not exceed the 158cm bar for them to be checked in.

Going on a trip with a baby? The small passenger is also entitled to 10kg of luggage in one piece in addition to a stroller or a car seat, to be checked in free of charge.

Carrying more baggage on Corsair flights?

Fees are charged for carrying any baggage that does not meet Corsair’s weight or size policy, but you can reduce this cost by purchasing extras. Save up to 50% of the excess baggage fare by adding it to your reservation, from the My Reservation section on

Items to be carried in carry-on

When traveling by plane with Corsair Fly, you will have the option of taking your baggage into the cabin or you can also document it.

For each type of luggage there are several restrictions that it is very important to take into account, for security reasons and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Hand luggage is what you take with you in the cabin, throughout the flight, and it is the one with the most restrictions.

First of all, it is advisable to investigate very well with the airline in which you are going to travel about the restrictions they have for hand luggage, because although they are almost always the same, you can find extras, either due to the policies of the airline or the destination where they will be traveling.

– Certain items are prohibited in hand luggage

In hand luggage, it is forbidden to transport liquids in containers of more than 100 ml. These must be placed in a transparent bag and can be containers of non-flammable liquids, aerosols or gels.

If you buy something from airport security, you can take it with you into the cabin.

Sharp objects such as scissors, razors, knives, box cutters are also prohibited.

You also cannot carry flammable products such as matches, lighters, gasoline, paint, gas charges; as well as firearms and explosives; fire extinguishers and cylinders of compressed gas, oxygen, poisons, domestic or industrial products such as chlorine, mercury, solvents.

Radioactive materials, chemical substances, corrosive materials, oxidizing materials, work tools such as hammers, keys, drills, etc., are also prohibited.

Sporting objects are also prohibited, such as pool cues, golf clubs, surfboards, tennis rackets, darts, hiking sticks, fishing rods, etc. If they have to bring something like this, they have to document it.

– Some liquids are allowed in handbags

In hand luggage it is allowed to carry laptops, batteries for mobile devices, as long as they are not lithium, mobile devices such as such as mobile phones, music players, tablets, electronic readers, portable video game consoles, cameras and equipment.

They can also carry their medication, if it is liquid and exceeds 100 ml, they must have a medical prescription justifying why they are traveling with said substances.

Baby food is allowed as long as the baby is on board.

What else should you put in checked baggage? The documented baggage is the one that does not accompany you in the cabin, as its name suggests, it is the one that is documented at the CorsairFly counter.

Certain items are prohibited in checked baggage

Explosive objects, detonators, fuses, dynamite, pyrotechnic material, grenades, gunpowder, gases, gas cylinders, liquid fuels, radioactive materials, compressed gas, acids, extinguishers, poison,

If they are traveling with firearms, they must inform the airline counter during check-in.

In some planes, it is forbidden to transport lithium batteries, it is for this reason that it is recommended to inquire with the airline before departure.

The liquid articles and objects that passengers can carry in the hold are liquids such as perfumes, aerosols, water, etc.; as well as powder products.

Some objects are dangerous, but can also be transported in the hold, such as sharp sharp objects such as scissors, razors, knives, box cutters, axes, ice picks, …

They can also carry work tools such as drills, hammers, pliers, among others. Sports equipment, mobile devices and photographic equipment are also allowed.

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