Your air travel with Kuwait Airways is fast approaching? Whether it’s a long trip, where you check in a suitcase and take it with you into the cabin of the plane, or a getaway, where you only take your hand luggage with you, it is important that you choose it well, and do not forget the baggage transport rules of the Kuwaiti company:

– Hand Baggage: Limit weights and dimensions

Your baggage brought into the cabin must respect the following weight and size limitations:

  • Economy Class: 1 x 7kg
  • Business Class: 1 x 11kg
  • First Class: 1 x 11kg
  • Royal Class: 1 x 11kg
  • Size: 56cm x 46cm x 25cm

You should also keep in mind that the hand luggage must measure 127cm (56x46x25) and must fit under your seat. As you can see, the carry-on baggage policy of this airline is very strict.

– Checked Baggage: Number of suitcases and their maximum weight

Before going to the airport to board your plane, you will be able to see what is the baggage policy and the sizes and measurements of baggage allowed by Kuwait Airways in the hold:

Royal Class

First Class Business Class Economy Class
All Destinations 3 x 32kg 3 x 32kg 2 x 32kg

2 x 23kg

Oasis Club

 Platinum member

An additional baggage of 32 kg

An additional baggage of 32 kg or add an additional 18kg on two bags (9kg/b)

Oasis Club

 Gold member

An additional baggage of 23 kg

An additional baggage of 23 kg or add an additional 18kg on two bags (9kg/b)

Oasis Club

 Silver Member

An additional baggage of 23 kg

 The baggage dimensions retained by Kuwait Airways are also determined according to the class of service:

Royal and First Class: 110cm x 75cm x 65cm

Business and Economy Class: 90cm x 75cm x 65cm

Not able to meet Kuwait Airways weight allowance? Then buy an extra

If your allowance does not correspond to your baggage transport needs, Kuwair Airways offers you the possibility of modifying it by increasing the weight. Add baggage allowances before you check in for your flight to check in overweight (up to 32kg per piece) and oversized (up to 250cm) baggage.

Taking a Kuwait Airways flight with light luggage?

Traveling light is all about attitude. A new way to start and end your travels; the solution is simple: Save on the number and weight of your luggage.

Have you ever considered traveling without hand luggage? Have you already done this? The truth is that without a doubt, it is a new experience. It’s the ultimate concept of traveling light.

Because once you have traveled without a cabin suitcase, you will have experienced the ease of boarding and exiting the plane, the agility when moving around the airport and above all, not feeling so clumsy lugging around the suitcase everywhere.

Traveling with a light luggage or without luggage?

Without a doubt, the greatest of all is the simple act of carrying or lugging the suitcase everywhere. All this results in greater comfort and avoids efforts.

This allows you to move around the airport and between terminals much faster. Have you ever had to change the boarding gate 15 minutes before the scheduled time? And you have no choice but to run around dragging the suitcases.

Airports are huge spaces but even so, they seem too small for us when we are all carrying our suitcases. It gives the impression that you have to dodge everyone and in the end you end up hitting someone who was passing by with the wheels of the suitcase.

Do not be aware of the theft in the suitcase, if you get lost or leave it somewhere in the Duty Free. You can have a coffee at ease without having an eye on it.

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