Are you preparing to take a flight with Gulf Air soon? In all options, before the trip, the passenger must know what dimensions of luggage are allowed and what can be carried in hand luggage and in checked luggage. If you miss such information, you risk overpaying for baggage at the airport.

What baggage allowances does Bahrain Air carrier adhere to?

– Hand Baggage: How many suitcases to carry in the cabin?

Like every airline, Gulf Air imposes its own restrictions on the weight and dimensions of baggage carried on board its cabins, which are determined according to the class of service:

  • Economy Light/Smart/Flex: 1 x 6kg
  • Falcon Gold Smart/Flex: 1 x 9kg
  • Cabin baggage dimensions: 115 cm (45 x 40 x 30)

– Gulf Air restrictions on Carrying checked baggage

The maximum weight of checked baggage on Gulf Air flights is 32 kg, depending on the fare. Even minimum fare (Light) tickets include checked baggage:

Economy Light: 1 x 23kg

Economy Smart/Flex: 2 x 23kg

Falcon Gold Smart/Flex: 2 x 32kg

Members of the FalconFlyer loyalty program are entitled to travel with additional baggage in the hold, the weight of which is determined according to their status:

  • Silver: 1 x 15kg
  • Gold: 2 x 23kg
  • Black: 1 x 32kg

Regarding the size of luggage, each checked piece must conform to this form of dimensions: 51cm x76cm x31cm

Transporting luggage for children and babies

If your child is over two years old, he benefits from the same baggage allowance granted to adults, whether in the cabin or in the hold, and if he is under 24 months old, he is entitled to 15kg of baggage in one piece besides a stroller and a car seat. In the cabin, you can take a piece of luggage that weighs 3kg and measures 99cm (44x35x20).

Add Additional Baggage

For passengers who plan to travel with additional baggage because the allowance offered in their booking is not sufficient, they have only one choice: Buy excess baggage. This practical solution allows them to adjust their deductible according to their needs, but also to avoid paying heavy penalties on the day of departure (in the event of excess weight/dimensions).

Carrying a smart bag on a Gulf Air flight?

Created to help people worry less about their luggage stuffed into airplane holds, the bag uses its technological prowess to make your life easier.

The bag has an alarm and anti-theft remote. Safety mode is another feature of the app. Whenever someone tries to open your bag or steal it, the app will let you know. It will also activate a high-pitched alarm when the distance between you and your bag is greater than your preset maximum.

Secure your suitcase as best you can when traveling by plane

If you are an active user of Gulf Air airline services, you probably know how to secure your luggage during the flight. But if you are traveling for the first time on vacation or for business, or if you are a rare guest at airports and in other countries, you are surely looking for a solution to protect your bags and suitcases as much as possible during the flight.

At airports, baggage is accepted in two forms – wrapped in foil. You can do it yourself or order a service from airport employees or in a special case. You can still do without such measures if you have a waterproof suitcase with a reliable combination lock. Which option to choose is up to you.

– Packing your suitcase with aluminum foil at the airport?

If you are going on a plane for the first time, you will naturally ask yourself a question, why pack a suitcase with a film at the airport?

A well-filled suitcase will prevent unnecessary scrapes and scratches. It’s no secret that loaders are not particularly ceremonious with luggage, throwing luggage onto carts. Just see this process once and you’ll never want to send your stuff without extra packaging again.

It is worth wrapping your suitcase in foil if you have luggage with a soft frame, and there are also no reliable locks. In this case, the winding will be an additional protection for your personal belongings against theft. Unfortunately, cases of theft are common among airport employees. Passengers often complain about the disappearance of their personal belongings or the souvenirs/products transported.

Even if there is no risk of theft, then during transport the suitcase may fall out, and if the zipper or clasp fails, your belongings will scatter throughout the airport unpacked. And almost no one will be engaged in collecting and packing them.

Naturally, open bags and parcels will not be accepted for loading at all if you do not wrap them in aluminum foil.

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