As a rule, information about the free baggage allowance is indicated in the appropriate box on the ticket or displayed when booking. And it is the same information that this guide contains.

The free baggage allowance set by Georgian Airways provides for the number of pieces and the weight of the baggage that each passenger boarding his plane can take in the cabin and in the hold.

– Hand Baggage

Passengers with reservations with the Georgian airline are required to take hand luggage into the cabin free of charge:

  • Economy Class: 1 x 8kg
  • Economy Premium: 1 x 12kg
  • Business Class: 1 x 12kg

Georgian Airways has established its own rules allowing you to take into the cabin only what fits within the dimensions of 115cm

– Checked Baggage

Checked baggage is any suitcase or other item that you check in for a flight with Gerogian Airways and collect at the airport of arrival.

Free baggage allowance, including items carried by the passenger, is set by the carrier based on their ticket type or class of service:

Economy Light: No baggage allowance

Economy Class: 1 x 23kg

Premium Eco Class: 2 x 32kg

Business Class: 2 x 32kg

Baggage rules and restrictions are determined by the airline. Please check the weight requirements in advance, but also the dimensions.

In the case of Georgian Airways: Your bag must display measurements that do not cross the 158cm threshold (Handles and wheels included)

Baggage for child (baby): Stroller or Car seat + 10kg bag. This is the allowance offered to passengers aged between 0 and 24 months.

Extra Baggage: Add extra items

If the checked baggage exceeds the allowance established by the air carrier, the latter has the right to charge a fee. To avoid them, you have to opt for the solution of buying excess baggage which costs much less: Between 30€ and 75€ to buy an additional allowance of 23kg, and 45€ and 105€ to add an extra 32kg and/or carry oversized items (203cm). The purchase of supplements can be made online on the My Booking section.

Case of prohibition of carriage of hand and hold luggage

Each piece of checked baggage must be properly packed to ensure its safety during transport and handling and to exclude the possibility of endangering the health or safety of passengers, crew members, third parties, damage to the aircraft, baggage other passengers or other property. Baggage that does not meet the requirements will not be accepted on Georgian Airways aircraft.

In accordance with the Rules for the conduct of pre-flight and post-flight inspections, crew members and passengers are prohibited from carrying hazardous substances and objects from the list on board the aircraft in baggage and in accompanying objects. in cabin:

Dangerous substances and objects prohibited from transport:

– Explosives, explosives and objects filled with them of all kinds of gunpowder, in any packaging and in any quantity; live ammunition including small caliber;

– Cartridges for gas weapons; caps for hunting;

– Pyrotechnic means: signaling and lighting flares, signaling cartridges, landing pawns, smoke cartridges (pawns), demolition matches, magic sparklers, railway firecrackers;

– TNT, dynamite, tol, ammonal and other explosives; detonators, electric detonators, electric igniters, detonating cord and igniter, etc;

– Weapons: pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines and other firearms, gas, pneumatic weapons, electroshock devices, daggers;

– Compressed and liquefied gases;

– Flammable solids and liquids;

– Toxic substances;

– Radioactive materials;

– Caustic and corrosive substances.

Items allowed in Checked Baggage only

Crew members and passengers are permitted to transport in baggage checked in the holds and baggage compartments of an aircraft with isolated passenger access to baggage during the flight, the following articles and substances:

– Medical thermometer containing mercury, in a standard case – one per passenger;

– Crossbows, harpoon guns, checkers, sabers, cleavers, scimitars, sabers, swords, broadswords, bayonets, daggers, hunting knives, knives with ejected blades, with locks, imitators of any type of weapon;

– Household knives (scissors) with a blade (blade) length of more than 60 mm;

– Aerosols intended for sporting or domestic use, the outlet valves of which are protected by caps against spontaneous release of the contents in containers with a capacity of 0.5 kg / 500 ml or less each that the passenger is entitled to one maximum of four containers.

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