When planning a trip with Finnair, the main headache is baggage collection. How to take with you everything you need, respecting the baggage allowance and not taking the forbidden? What to take with you in the cabin and what to send in the baggage compartment of the liner?

You are obligated to understand the basic rules for carrying luggage on an airplane. It should be borne in mind that each air carrier including Finnair sets its own standards and tariffs, changing them from time to time under the influence of various situations. So for specific figures that are relevant at the time of your departure on a specific flight, it is better to contact the official resource of the air carrier directly.

All the things you take with you can be divided into two main categories: hand luggage and checked luggage.

The first category travels in the cabin, the second is placed in the hold of the aircraft operated by Finnair. The Finnish company allows you to take additional small items with you in the cabin without classifying them as hand luggage such as small bags, backpacks, laptop cases, …

Discovering together the baggage allowance offered to passengers taking flights marketed and scheduled by Finnair:

– Hand Baggage: Information on baggage carried in the cabin

Economy Class: 1 x 8kg

Business Class: 1 x 10kg

Main Luggage size 55x40x32

Handbag size: 40x30x15

– Checked Baggage: Number of pieces allowed, their weight and size limits

Each company specifically stipulates the dimensions of luggage for each passenger, as well as their maximum weight. In the case of Finnair, passengers benefit from baggage allowances which vary according to their flight itinerary and of course according to their class of travel.

Baggage allowance

Flights to/from Japan* Flights to/from other Asian countries  Flights to/from North America Flights to/from all other destinations Children

Infants 0–2 years

Business Flex

3x32kg 2x32kg 2x32kg 2x32kg Same baggage allowance 1x23kg
Business Classic 3x32kg 2x32kg 2x32kg


Business Light

/ / / / / /
Premium Economy Flex 2x23kg 1x23kg



Same baggage allowance


Premium Economy  Classic 2x23kg 1x23kg



Premium Economy Light












Economy Flex

2×32 1×23 1×23 1×23 Same baggage allowance


Economy Classic

2×23 1×23 1×23


Economy Light

/ / / / /


Paying for additional kilograms: Purchasing excess (extra) baggage

You need to take into account how many kg per person you can take on a plane by default, that is, the cost of transporting this weight is included in the ticket price and what you have to pay in extra charge. The cost of a kilogram of overweight is different for all companies, and if you pay it in advance, when buying a ticket, it will cost you less than when registering. Low-cost carriers have very expensive excesses.

What can and cannot be carried on a Finnair aircraft?

There are two aspects to consider here: air transport security and customs regulations. In most cases, these rules overlap, but there are nuances.

On domestic flights and within customs unions, such as the Schengen area or the CIS countries, only security rules work. In accordance with these, objects and substances that may present a potential danger during the flight are prohibited from transport. These are weapons, explosives, toxic and radioactive substances, acids and alkalis, flammable liquids, liquefied gases.

On international airlines like Finnair, state-specific customs regulations are in addition to security requirements for air travel. They provide for the amount of what can be imported and exported by air, what must be transported under certain conditions and what is generally prohibited.

Taking a Finnair flight: A good preparation of your luggage allows you to travel serenely on board

When analyzing air carrier offers, the following parameters should be taken into account:

Maximum weight and number of bags per class

The first thing to consider when preparing for a trip and buying a ticket is the allowed weight of luggage on the plane and the number of seats depending on the class. Finnair includes one piece of baggage within the allowed and paid standard for economy class, but for business or premium class the limits are usually higher. At the same time, the size of the luggage is not so important if you use standard suitcases, but the weight is of fundamental importance.

Possibility to combine luggage

Sometimes mothers with children and couples want to travel with one large and heavy suitcase, rather than two lighter suitcases. Not all airlines offer the possibility of combining the luggage of two passengers without additional weight, and this must be taken into account in advance. Another point: the maximum weight of luggage according to international airport standards cannot exceed 32 kg, even if it fits in a modest suitcase.

Baggage transport for children up to 2 years old

As a general rule, up to 10 kg can be carried free of charge on Finnair flights for a child under 2 years of age. The baby’s cradle, food, hygiene articles, spare clothes and other dowries can be taken into the cabin without taking into account hand luggage.

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