In order to allow you to take everything you need with you in the cabin, Brussels Airlines offers you an improved allowance by offering you several options for transporting baggage in the cabin and in the hold:

– Handbag: How many pieces are you allowed to carry in the cabin?

You are allowed to bring one piece of 8kg with you into the cabin in Economy Class and Premium Economy. On the other hand, you can carry double the amount of luggage (2 x 8kg) if you book your seat in Business class.

However, you are expected to respect the following dimensions: 118cm (55x40x23).

You can also bring a small handbag, the total weight of which (combined with hand luggage) must not exceed 12kg.

– Checked Baggage: How many pieces you are allowed to check in?

Traveling with checked baggage (large suitcases) is possible knowing that the number of suitcases and their maximum weight are as follows:

  • 2x23kg in Economy class
  • 2x32kg in Business class

Regarding the dimensions, they will be checked at the airport, and for your luggage to be placed in the hold, their sizes must be within the limits of 158cm by adding the height, width and length of the luggage, knowing that the dimensions of the wheels and handles are included.

If the little ones in the house are accompanying you on your getaway, keep in mind that Brussels Airlines offers them a free allowance of 23kg (not available for those flying in Economy Light).

Regarding strollers, it must be taken into consideration that they must be checked in because they are not allowed in the cabin and must be transported in the hold of the plane.

Extra Baggage: How much does it cost to add extra baggage?

It sometimes happens that even with such a generous baggage allowance, you will need to carry more baggage for your stay, so you can use the Brussels Airlines Extra Baggage Purchase service to be able to check in more baggage. (up to five pieces). And to find out the cost of each supplement, you can use the online baggage calculator, on the website from Brussels Airlines.

Carrying so much luggage on Brussels Airlines flights without paying supplements

Traveling by plane involves a mix of excitement and anxiety: dreaming of the fun you’re going to have and something unexpected happening, because the last thing you need is an unexpected payment for excess baggage.

  • Weigh your baggage before arriving at the airport

One of the biggest fears when boarding is excess baggage fees. Airlines like Brussels Airlines are highly regulated and have very strict planning. For this reason, having an excess of weight or measurements in the luggage penalizes it in a very strong way.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised to learn that very few people have a luggage scale to weigh their luggage at home. When packing your belongings, you can make sure you don’t exceed the Brussels Airlines allowed weight.

One of the keys is to weigh and measure your suitcase before you go to the airport. It is essential that you have an approximate weight.

  • Store your items and objects in a lightweight suitcase

There are very light suitcases that are made of very resistant materials. It is not necessary to take the suitcase with you who weighs five pounds.

  • Avoid taking unnecessary items in your baggage

It’s a reality that as you travel more you usually have better planning of what you need. With travel you tan and the reality is that you don’t need most of the things you’re going to put in the suitcase. It’s quite the opposite, you end up wearing the same clothes and you’re missing something that you weren’t wearing.

Don’t bring your entire wardrobe. When packing your luggage, it is important to remember the purpose of your trip. Going to a business meeting? Beach vacation? Go skiing in the mountains? Try to put in your suitcase the strictly necessary clothes and personal effects. Remember that you can always use certain clothes more than once and also combine them. If you must wear winter clothes, be sure to bring your heaviest coat and shoes, leaving that space in your suitcase free for lighter clothes.

Only if you are traveling in a group, you can share the weight between the suitcases. Thanks to this distribution, for example, you can add an extra kilo from the excess suitcase to the lightest suitcase. The saying “divide and conquer” has never been so effective.

Curiously, two fully filled suitcases do not weigh the same. Some luggage and clothing are heavier due to the density of their fabrics.

But traveling light is a great philosophy. Packing what is right and necessary, you must learn to minimize the stress of the suitcase and what to put in it. Ultimately, traveling light means avoiding burdens.

  • If necessary, buy your extra baggage in advance

If you realize that you absolutely must carry more baggage or more pounds than allowed, resign yourself and pay for the excess baggage in advance. Many times you save up to half the fare if you request this service before completing your flight documentation, whether online or at the airport.

Get your extra baggage during the purchase process or at least before the flight. Airlines are extremely regulatory on their flights and you even have to plan the weight that will be transported on the plane. For this reason, they want to sell extra baggage in the process of buying the ticket or even as they remembered it a few days before the flight.

It will always be much cheaper to buy extra baggage before the flight is 24 hours old. Therefore, try to avoid arriving at the airport overweight or packing your suitcase very late.

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