The policy of the airline Edelweiss Air in terms of baggage consists of offering each traveler the possibility of carrying one or two pieces of baggage free of charge in the cabin. This of course depends on the class of travel in which the flight takes place.

– Hand Baggage (Carry-on): Weight allowed in the cabin

Economy Class: 1 x 8kg

Business Class: 2 x 8kg

Size: 118cm (55x40x23)

Another handbag can be stored under the seat in the cabin baggage compartment provided that its weight is less than that of the main baggage, while the total of its dimensions must not exceed 80cm including 40cm in length, 30cm wide and 10cm high.

No fee is charged if you do not respect the size or weight limit, but your bag will be taken to the hold, and will be considered as checked baggage.

– Baggage in hold: How much should checked baggage weigh or measure?

Checked baggage policy varies from airline to airline. Fly Edelweiss allows you to travel with one or two pieces of luggage by:

– Economy class

A bag that weighs 23kg on any airline except flights serving or departing from Sri Lanka or Vietnam. In this case, you are entitled to check two bags of 46kg (23kg for each piece).

Children between the ages of 2 and 12 have access to a free allowance of 23kg in addition to a stroller or a car seat.

Small passengers benefit from a double allowance on scheduled flights from or to Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Newborns and infants under 24 months can also travel with checked baggage of 23kg.

– Business class

Passengers who have chosen seats on board this cabin benefit from an allowance similar to that offered to passengers in Tourist class, but with an improved weight: 32kg per piece.

Baggage that exceeds the permitted weight or dimensions? Buy an Extra

For passengers whose allowance offered by Edelweiss Air (included in their reservation) is not sufficient, they can improve it by purchasing excess baggage whose prices vary between 62 and 188 Euros on low cost/medium haul flights and vary between 125 and 376 Euros on long-haul flights.

Ways to pack and travel stress-free on Edelweiss Air flights

Packing your suitcase can be stressful and frustrating at the start of your vacation.

One of the most common mistakes is carrying too much luggage, which can be inconvenient and even lead to additional charges at the airport.

After a whole year of waiting for the moment, the holiday season has finally arrived. However, with them also stressful and frustrating situations are generated, in many cases due to baggage.

Whether it’s carrying too much, forgetting something important, or going over the weight limit at airports, vacations don’t get off to the best possible start. To avoid these situations, the most important thing is to organize yourself and prepare your suitcase well in advance.

Practical tips for organizing your luggage properly

– List only the items you used during your stay

Before you start packing, it’s best to stand in front of a blank sheet of paper and start making a list of everything you need for your trip. This way you will be faster and more efficient and you will avoid leaving important things behind.

You can also take advantage of this list to think about the combinations of clothes you will wear on a daily basis. It’s a way to optimize the space of your suitcase.

– Choose the type of baggage

Depending on the type of trip you plan to take, you will have to choose one type of luggage or another, which will determine the space you will have. For example, going on a trip to Dubai, Paris is not the same as going to Bern.

In the first case, you will probably want to bring a large bag in the hold so that you can include the purchases you make there. In the second, perhaps a cabin suitcase will be enough to travel lighter and more economically, since summer clothes do not take up too much space. Finally, if you are planning a fairly active trip, you will surely opt for a large backpack and bulky luggage, which you should check in before boarding.

– Don’t fold your clothes, roll them instead or vacuum pack them

Once you’ve made the list and decided on the type of suitcase you’ll be packing, it’s time to start filling it with your clothes. The best tip to make your clothes take up less space is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Moreover, it will also prevent them from creasing.

Another option to reduce the space taken up by clothes is to vacuum pack them. For this you only need a plastic bag with an airtight seal and remove the air with a vacuum cleaner.

This system is interesting for clothes that you don’t mind creasing and, on the way back, for dirty clothes.

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