Croatia Airlines is a scheduled airline that has very favorable rules for baggage transportation. Hand luggage is free, as well as checked luggage, unless the reservation is made with the Fly Easy fare.

Hand baggage allowance for all Croatia Airlines flights

How much luggage can you take on board? Dimensions, weight and number of suitcases, these are the three criteria determining and composing the baggage allowance to which you are entitled and which varies according to your booking rate:

– Economy Class: 1 x 8kg

– Business Class: 2 x 8kg

– Maximum size: 115cm (55x40x20) + a foldable bag of 126cm (57x54x15)

Weight limit and size of checked baggage

If you plan to travel with Croatia Airlines, do not hesitate to consult this information to help you prepare your baggage which will be checked in and transported to the hold:

FlyEasy: No free baggage except for HON Circle, Senator and Star Gold who are entitled to one piece of baggage weighing 23kg.

It is possible to pay to transport one or more pieces by paying a fee. The price of the franchise varies between 30 and 40 Euros.

FlyOpti/FlyFlexi: 23kg for adults and children and 46kg (two pieces of 23kg) for members of the Miles&More loyalty program or for passengers with HON Circle, Senator and Star Gold status

FlyBWise/ FlyBizz: Child passengers are allowed one piece of 23kg while adults are allowed to check in two pieces of baggage weighing 32kg each. The same allowance is applied for passengers who are members of the Miles and Mores reward program with Silver status.

For members with HON Circle, Senator and Star Gold status, they can travel with three pieces of checked baggage weighing a total of 96kg (32kg for each suitcase).

The baggage supplement always incurs costs, the cost of which can be reduced if you buy it online (from 75 to 25 Euros). Consult here the price list of excess baggage offered by Croatia Airlines, and proceed to purchase them at any time online from your account on MyBooking.

Prepare your suitcases carefully before departure

A very important rule for effectively preparing your travel suitcase is not to put clothes in a crazy and messy way. Therefore, the previous step is to first make a display of everything you are going to take. Take your list and spread it out on a bed or table. In this way you will physically visualize all that will be your baggage.

Once done, this will help you organize it; it is very useful to make sets with the clothes to know what you can use one or more days; and to get an idea of the place it will occupy in the suitcases. This will likely prompt you for a sorting exercise if you realize you don’t need as much stuff and you may have planned for excess baggage. Then you can collapse it before it gets packed and it will save you having to go back to get things out that were already placed.

If you have to decide on a clothing dilemma, it is strongly advised to favor comfort over aesthetics, unless a travel commitment prevents you from doing so.

– Store and place your clothes correctly in your suitcases

The time has come to pack your suitcase and here it is very important to follow a series of tips to make the most of the space in an optimal way.

Wrap the shoes in plastic and put them on the bottom, because this way they will not wrinkle the clothes with their weight, and they will also serve as a base for your luggage. For similar reasons, toiletry bags should be placed in this inner part.

Place the less delicate clothes and those that wrinkle less at the bottom of the suitcase, leaving the upper part for the more delicate ones.

A good trick to avoid wrinkles is to roll the clothes in the form of a tube, applicable to those who accept it, of course. Closing buttons and zippers also help prevent wrinkles.

Make sure everything fits together. Use the sides or remaining spaces to store smaller items of clothing, such as underwear bags, socks, hats or belts. You can also take advantage of empty spaces for small items, such as cell phone chargers.

If you do not have to deal with restrictions such as liquids on the plane, you can also place bottles which will be protected by the surrounding clothing.

The organization is basic. If you are going to take a trip whose itinerary has different stops and hotels, in order not to unpack your luggage during the whole stay, it is important to place your clothes in a compartmentalized way so that you know where each type of clothing is. For example, if you are looking for a shirt, let them be together and you can find it easily.

It can be of great interest for you not to fill your suitcases completely, in anticipation of possible purchases that you could make during your trip. Foresight always pays off.

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