The airline Flybe has its own policy in terms of carrying luggage on board its flights:

– In Cabin (handbag)

The number of bags and their weight are the same for the different fares offered by FlyBe: 1 x 7kg knowing that the total dimensions are 111cm (55x36x20).

If your reservation includes the Valet Bag service, you have the possibility of traveling with a 12kg piece of baggage in the cabin.

– In Hold (Checked Baggage)

Contrary to the rules established by FlyBe concerning the transport of hand luggage, several criteria define its allowance for transporting checked baggage.

FlyBe Smart: 1 x 15 kg

FlyBe Plus: 1 x 23 kg

Baggage Size: Dimensions can go up to 126cm.

Buy extra baggage: An effective solution for traveling with oversized or overweight baggage

Options that are worth gold for passengers, because their they can carry more luggage by buying additional kilograms (extra) online, the amount of which is significantly cheaper compared to the prices of the service offered at the airport.

The best way to pack your bags before boarding

After several months without having repeated the exercise in the absence of travel, packing your suitcase is more than ever a key step even if certainly boring. On the other hand, it will have a major influence on the smooth running of your vacation.

Arrival at the airport and the beginning of the nightmare. After spending twenty minutes or more in the queue, you reach deep into your pocket and realize that your passport is left on the kitchen table. Quickly, you ask your neighbor, in charge of feeding your goldfish, to bring you the document. Fortunately, you only live thirty minutes from the airport. During this time, the hostess at the counter tells you that your suitcase is two kilos too much, so you find yourself having to unpack your luggage in front of the dozens of people waiting on top of you in order to pick up some things that you will give her.

The holidays can begin and you promise yourself never to repeat this beginning of a stressful adventure again by following certain tips for packing your suitcase well and not forgetting anything in order to avoid a big hassle at the airport.

Make a Check-List before leaving while respecting FlyBe’s baggage policy

List the things to take a few days before departure so that you don’t forget anything. Prepare on the bed what is written in the list before putting everything in the suitcase. For a stay of less than five days, a simple hand luggage will do. Be careful, however, not to exceed the maximum of 100 ml per liquid product authorized if you wish to go on holiday by plane. The things you take also depend on the period you are leaving and your destination, so remember to check the weather forecast before your trip.

Here is an example of a general checklist that you can use for all your future trips. You should also remember that in most hotels, you will find small shower products and linens.

Clothes to put in your suitcases

As mentioned, the clothes you take on a trip depend on the climate of your destination and the activities you will be doing there. For example, if you plan to go on a cruise during your stay, don’t forget to take some warm clothes on the boat. However, here is what you can usually take in your suitcase: Underwear; socks; pajamas; shirts, polo shirts; jeans, pants, shorts; dresses, skirts; swimsuit; shoes, sneakers, flip flops; jackets, coats, raincoats belts; scarves, hats, gloves; backpack or shoulder bag; bag for dirty clothes.

When you arrive at your destination and regardless of the hotel you have chosen to accommodate you during your stay, you will find in the bathroom some basic products such as shower gel and shampoo. Nevertheless, it is better to have your complete toiletry bag with you, including: Toothbrush and toothpaste; deodorant; tweezers (prohibited in hand luggage); soap, shampoo; feminine hygiene products; contraception; make-up, make-up remover; shaving equipment; skin products; hair brush; glasses, contact lenses; solar cream.

Some documents are essential, so put them in your handbag before leaving your home

The most important thing to avoid a bad start to your vacation is not to forget your documents because they cannot be bought in stores like clothes or beauty products. These documents are rather: Passport or valid identity card; sanitary pass; transportation tickets; reservation confirmation; copies of passport, airline tickets, driver’s license; health insurance card; list of medications and prescriptions; travel insurance; local currency; debit/credit cards; small additional purse with some emergency coins.

Put heavy things first on the wheel side so that they are at the bottom of your suitcase when upright. This will avoid ending up with wrinkled clothes. Your shoes will go in the bottom half of the suitcase, the top half containing rolled clothes, then bulky items like sweatshirts or rain jackets will be folded and laid on top of everything else.

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