Bulgaria Air airline policy allows passengers to bring one to two pieces of luggage on board, which they can place under the seat in front. The amount of hand luggage they can carry in the cabin depends solely on their travel classes:

HandBag: Number of pieces of suitcases allowed in the cabin

1 x 10kg + a personal item (handbag, portable microphone, etc.). This allowance is offered to passengers who choose the No Checked Baggage fare.

In return, for those who choose the With Checked Baggage fare, they benefit from a higher allowance but if they travel in Business class only: 2 x 15kg.

If you are looking for a suitcase that can carry all your items and objects, don’t forget to check its size, which should not exceed 118 cm (55x40x23).

Checked Baggage: How much luggage can be placed in the hold

Travelers who book air tickets without checked baggage are not entitled to carry baggage in the hold, unlike those who have chosen a fare that includes this option. These are authorized to carry:

  • 2 x 32kg in Business class
  • 1 x 23kg in Economy class

Bulgaria Air introduces an exception for certain passengers who can carry and check in more baggage in the hold:

FLY MORE Gold Card: 2 x 23kg;

Flight booking with VISA Platinum by CCBank: 2 x 23kg;

Flight booking with co-branded Bulgaria Air / CCBank: 2 x 23kg;

Program Members: CCB Club;

Active sailors: 2 x 23kg;

Infants aged 0-2 years: 1 x 23kg (or 1 x 10kg for infants traveling without a reservation).

Extra Baggage: Add additional items

For passengers who do not respect the baggage allowance included in their reservation because they want to carry more baggage, they have only one solution: Buy excess baggage knowing that the maximum baggage to be carried in the hold is 32kg by piece. The costs can range from 50 to 60 euros per deductible.

Unlike the majority of airlines which ask their passengers to add additional baggage online, Bulgaria Air invites its customers to request the addition of additional baggage by contacting its customer service by email: callfb@air.bg

What to pack for a multi-route trip with Bulgaria Air?

The big dilemma when finally comes the time to travel: what to put in your suitcase for a long trip. Because you are already with the suitcases prepared, and the first thing you put there was this immense desire to go on a trip. But wait, let’s review: Is that all? Are you sure not to forget anything at the last minute? So that nothing important is missing from your travel suitcase, this list will come in handy.

Where to put everything? What suitcase to take on a long trip?

It seems obvious, right? Well, that’s not always the case. We always take a suitcase for big trips, and we consider it important to choose one that withstands all those who are to come (and there are many).

Secure your suitcases using TSA padlocks

The only people authorized to open your suitcase are those who work in customs at United States airports. These inspections are random, and if this happens to you, they can only open your luggage with the master key the agents have.

And when packing your suitcase, put in the hand luggage that you take to the cabin of the plane the minimum that you would need to spend a few days in case of loss of the suitcase without wanting to be pessimistic.

Another thing we recommend you take on a big trip is a small backpack, so that the most important thing is always with you.

There are bags that are like a handbag but in backpack mode. It weighs nothing, and it has a super comfortable full opening to put your clothes on and several very useful pockets.

Don’t forget to put these documents in your hand luggage

Depending on where you are travelling, first, a valid national ID or passport. That you can’t forget. Yes, this is something very obvious, but just in case, put it there first.

You should also carry a photocopy for daily use and leave the original at the hotel in case it is stolen or lost. Something that thousands of travelers also usually do is email themselves a copy of the passport.

Don’t forget to take some cash and especially your credit cards

What we usually do when traveling to destinations where we cannot buy the currency of Spain, because it is not quoted, is to carry dollars or euros, although the euro is accepted in the whole world. On arrival, we change a minimum at the airport to take a taxi, the metro and the rest if necessary in exchange offices or banks.

Regarding payment cards, we recommend that you take credit cards, as debit cards may be declined, while with a credit card you are completely sure that it is accepted everywhere. It is always advisable to carry two, in case one breaks down or is lost. We usually only take one with us and leave the other at the hotel. The hotel one is left in a suitcase with a security lock or in the safe with the passport.

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