For millions of passengers, traveling without luggage is nearly impossible. However, traveling with suitcases by plane, with Avianca, is subject to specific rules.

If you plan to fly with Avianca, there are many rules to consider. What do you have to take, what are you allowed to take with you and many other questions you may have.

If you bought a ticket from Avianca, you can find out all about your baggage policy by visiting this guide.

Hand baggage: How many bags/suitcases are allowed on the plane and how much must they weigh?

Anything that can be carried in the cabin of the aircraft without having to be put in the hold is considered hand luggage. That is, baggage that travels in the cabin with you and that you must store under your seat or in the compartments above it.

The Colombian airline Avianca, as hand luggage a suitcase of 55 x 35 x 25 centimeters that does not exceed 10 kilograms.

You can add a personal item equivalent to a handbag, laptop bag or small backpack no larger than 45 x 35 x 20 cm. However, it is increasingly common for the air carrier to include only the personal item.

– What can you take in hand baggage?

Both in the personal item and in the hand luggage you can carry the same items. And it is that this baggage is governed by the same rules and constitutes your cabin baggage. This way you can carry clothes, shoes, sanitary ware, liquids under 100ml. Your ID, money, boarding pass, electronics, medications that you may use during the flight or in the hours following, and valuables such as jewelry must also go in your handbag.

– Items not to be carried in cabin baggage?

In addition to size and weight, you should consider prohibited items in your hand luggage. Neither in the personal item nor in the suitcase you may not carry sharp objects. Some airports accept blades less than 3 cm. Liquids and gels over 100ml, bulky items that won’t fit under the seat, toys and equipment that use lithium ion batteries.

The checked baggage allowance you benefit from when traveling with Avianca is as follows:

1 x 23kg if you fly in Economy class

1 x 32kg if you are traveling in Business class.

Maximum dimensions: 158 cm (all dimensions combined).

Adjust your allowance: Buy extra baggage

Traveling with baggage that weighs more than that indicated in Avianca’s rules of carriage, or that measures more than 158cm (up to 230cm) and is still possible if you purchase excess baggage.

Check your luggage at the airport until the last moments before departure

Some airports served by Avianca have separate facilities where you can check in your baggage from thirty minutes before flight departure. These are usually located on the ground floor of the terminal building. You may be able to use this facility to save time.

Ideal preparation of luggage, the secret to traveling serenely by plane

One of the keys is to know what type of ticket you have purchased with your airline and what baggage you have taken on. Remember that if you made a mistake or need more space, you must purchase extra baggage.

It is important to be organized before the flight. Make a list if it’s your first flight and make sure you don’t forget anything days before. Don’t leave your suitcase for the last day.

If you are going to carry checked baggage in the hold, you can include more items and personal effects which, in the carry-on baggage allowed on the plane, would be prohibited.

Also consider including in your personal article the most precious and important objects for you. This luggage will always travel with you and has no weight limit. You can include electronics, documentation, … Especially since it is possible that if the plane does not have holes for hand luggage, they will ask you to check it in extremis for free.

Don’t forget to check the weight and dimensions of your luggage and check airport and Avianca airline regulations.

As this is your first flight, you will have to take into account different aspects of the regulations applied by your air operator or in general by the airport. For example:

– The regulations on authorized liquids, remember that they are a maximum of 100ml per bottle up to one liter in total;

– Medicines that you can carry in your hand luggage;

– If you want to take food inside the plane;

– Or the necessary documentation for example if you are traveling with children.

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