Traveling by plane with KLM. Before the day of departure, you logically prepare your luggage and at this moment you must realize certain things: The number of suitcases/bags that you can carry in the cabin and in the hold, as well as the weight and dimensions to be carried not to exceed.

Hand luggage on KLM flights: What weight to respect?

The airline of the Netherlan dsreminds its passengers that they are responsible for their own hand luggage and must comply with all requirements regarding size, weight and dimensions. Any baggage exceeding these limits will be subject to a fine (additional charge) or will be sent to the hold.

It is important to understand that the baggage allowances offered to KLM passengers are relative to their travel cabins:

– Economy Class: One bag + one accessory;

– Premium Comfort class: Two bags + one accessory;

– Business Class: Two bags + one accessory;

– Maximum weight: 18kg;

– Maximum dimensions: 55x35x18 and 40x30x15 (for the accessory).

– Baby luggage transport

KLM offers you to carry up to 12kg of baggage for your child traveling without a seat on the plane, the total weight of which is 115cm.

Traveling with checked baggage

If you wish to check in baggage, please respect the KLM rule regarding weights and sizes:

– Standard / Flex Fare (Economy Class):

One piece of luggage that weighs 23 kg and measures 158cm. Reservations made with the Light fare do not give any right to carry baggage in the hold.

– Flying in Premium Comfort class:

There is a difference when you travel aboard this cabin. You are allowed two bags of 23kg each, 158cm in size.

Luggage for children

Infant baggage can be checked in separately from the allowance included in your reservation. Even if you have not reserved a seat for your child, you can take a 10kg piece for him.

Oversized or overweight baggage

Purchasing additional baggage is required if you cannot fit within the baggage allowance included in your reservation. You can thus inflate it by buying supplements:

If you wish to purchase additional baggage, you have several options:

– Online: This option allows you to select any type of baggage from a selection of sizes and weights, and benefit from a significant discount on the fare.

– At the airport, you can buy your luggage at the self-service terminal located in the arrival hall of the airport, but the prices are more expensive.

Prepare your luggage: Things and rules to remember before the day of departure

At the airport, the instructions are strict around our luggage: limited weight and size, objects authorized or not, … Here is what you need to know to prepare your suitcase and pass checks without problems.

That’s it, it’s Departure Day: you’re flying to the destination you’ve dreamed of so much, don’t spoil this pleasure because of your luggage. Thanks to these tips, no one will be able to refuse you suitcase and hand luggage.

What weight for your baggage?

Although the weight allowed in the hold and in the cabin varies between airlines, here are the rules generally applied: each passenger is allowed a certain weight of checked baggage in economy class and first class (see baggage weights above authorized by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Cabin baggage (+ handbag, and laptop sleeve can be added) must not exceed the weight and dimensions displayed above.

Little tricks to avoid paying the extra kilos

When buying a suitcase, do not neglect its weight. The heavier it is, the more you will be forced to reduce what you can put in it. Why not opt ​​for a flexible and lighter suitcase? Similarly, if you recognize that you are not the type to travel light, crack this year on a suitcase in a smaller format. You will thus be forced to make a real choice and not take everything with you.

What should you banish from your luggage?

Need we remind you again: explosives, ammunition, toxic products, gases, radioactive materials, corrosive substances but also flammable products are strictly prohibited on board an aircraft.

In addition to these hazardous materials, it will be impossible for you to board an aircraft if you keep the following products on you or in your hand luggage: knives, scissors, weapons or imitations, blunt objects, etc.

It is also recommended that you avoid all liquids, cosmetics and aerosols in your hand luggage. However, this is not prohibited provided that the following instructions are respected: each product must fit in a container of less than 100 ml, you must present them in a single closed transparent plastic bag which will be a maximum of 20 x 20 cm.

   – Some exceptions for transporting liquids by plane

You can take with you on the plane, in quantities adapted to the duration of the trip: food for babies or young children, liquid purchases made after security checks, necessary liquid medicines and insulin for passengers diabetics. Don’t forget to take prescriptions if you have an illness.

Regarding the transport of special items, depending on your airline, specific conditions may be granted for certain equipment: surfboard, golf club, diving equipment, …

What can be carried in the cabin for little travelers?

With the proliferation of restrictions on the permitted contents of cabin baggage, questions arise when preparing for departure with young children. In fact, no big worries to have: hygiene products such as milk and lotions are not affected by the security measures, any more than mineral water for baby bottles or foods such as milk, small pots, compotes, … Be careful though, if there is no reserve on baby food, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation specifies that you must remember to take containers that close: you may be asked to taste these foods. As for the quantities, they must be reasonable in view of the duration of the trip. Finally, as for an adult, liquid medicines can be transported without restriction as long as you have a prescription on you.

To pass the time of slightly older children, we may also be tempted to take a few toys. It will still be necessary to pay attention to their choice. First targeted by the ban: toy weapons such as water pistols, swords, knives or plastic grenades. More subtle: it is also necessary to proscribe modeling clay which could be plastic, transformable robots which change into weapons as well as helium balloons.

Things to put in the toilet bag: Toothbrush and toothpaste; shower gel, shampoo; hair brush; Moisturizing cream and make-up remover; Cotton swabs, tweezers, razor; liquid and cases for contact lenses; period products and medicines; dressings, disinfectants; paracetamol; mosquito repellent; sunscreen and arnica; handkerchiefs; take-out laundry; surgical masks; …

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