Once you have chosen a destination you have booked your flight with Belavia, you may want to make sure you have the right suitcase to start this journey. Sometimes we do not notice the importance of this factor, and it is a mistake that can ruin the most planned adventures.

Maybe you are going to take several planes and you need a very light one. Maybe you don’t need to charge and you need a small one. You should pay attention to essential points, such as the wheels, the material, the size and the weight of your luggage.

Handbag (cabin)

Belavia is the one that determines the dimensions and weight of the luggage that the traveler can carry in the cabin. This is in fact determined according to the class of travel:

  • Business Class: 2 x 10kg
  • Economy Class: 1 x 10
  • Belavia Leader: Gold/Silver Status: 1 x 10
  • Charter flights: 1 x 5kg

Passengers are also allowed to carry outside their baggage allowance one additional bag such as a handbag with a weight of 5kg and total dimensions of 80cm.

Checked Baggage: Number of pieces and authorized weight

Belavia allows you to carry baggage in the hold. There are those who can record two plays. It depends primarily on their class of travel:

– Business Class: 2 x 32kg

– Economy Class:

  • FLEX: 1 x 32kg
  • SMART: 1 x 23kg
  • LIGHT&PROMO: No baggage allowance
  • Baby under 2 years old: 1 x 10kg

Members of the Belavia Leader program with the Gold card are entitled to an additional piece of weight corresponding to the excess offered in their plane ticket.

Transporting heavier or oversized luggage

In the event that the baggage is overweight or oversized (a maximum of 210cm), the passenger has no choice but to purchase additional baggage. The cost of an additional excess (costs between 25 and 50 Euros. Connect to Manage my Booking to make the supplement purchase.

What to carry in your baggage while respecting Belavia’s restrictions?

There is something that always keeps us in suspense and generates doubts until the last moment before traveling by plane: What can you take in my baggage?

– What to pack in hand luggage?

Liquids, aerosols and gels: you can only take a limited amount on board. In containers not exceeding 100 ml. Maximum you can carry one liter. and must be in a transparent zip-lock type bag. Here is an example of the products you are allowed to take in this bag: toothpaste, creams, perfumes, cosmetics or hydroalcoholic gel.

Despite the strict rules, there are a few exceptions where 100ml may be exceeded:

– Baby food: milk, fruit juice and porridge or similar;

– Certain liquid medications under prescription or medical order certifying their use during the trip;

– Items purchased from the Free Shop, after spending the airport security check.

Objects not to be carried in the cabin (Strictly prohibited)

Here are the items you will need to send in your large luggage:

– Edged or firearms (real or replica)

– Sharp objects (real or replica), whose blade or point exceeds 6 cm in length (knives, forks, corkscrews, penknives, etc.).

– Blunt objects: Rocks, golf clubs, fishing rods, …

– Chemicals: Chlorine, acids, aerosols, pepper spray, …

– Undeclared firearms: Explosives; gas; fuels; toxic, radioactive, corrosive substances, …

Certain items are sometimes prohibited, but can exceptionally be carried in hand luggage

– Lighters: Although it is forbidden to carry several in hand luggage, Belavia can authorize only one in the luggage.

– The electronic cigarette: It is an object authorized in hand luggage. But the liquid to fill it will have to be in a container of less than 100 ml.

– Medication: You can take over-the-counter pills and tablets for personal consumption in carry-on baggage. But for those on a prescription, it is recommended to carry the prescription with one. As for the liquid drugs we have already mentioned above. Like liquids or gels, drugs must be presented separately in a transparent bag.

If you need any other type of medical equipment, such as syringes for diabetics, check with Belavia beforehand so that they can inform you.

– Portable charger: You can carry it in your hand luggage, as long as the capacity is less than ten thousand milli-amps.

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