BH Airlines customers are entitled to a specific number of baggage items that can carry them:

– In the cabin (HandBag)

How much baggage are you allowed to carry in the cabin and what limit is applied by BH Airlines on weight and size? The question is of great importance since it affects the level of space occupied by the cabin, the total weight on board per passenger and therefore everyone’s safety.

1 x 7kg: By not respecting this weight, the baggage will be transferred directly to the aircraft hold. In any case, you must of course take into account the wheels and/or the handles of the luggage. These standards owe nothing to chance and were developed in particular to take into account the dimensions of the storage spaces in most commercial aircraft.

Other items are subject to a “free allowance”, which means that you can take them with you in the cabin without them being considered as baggage, and therefore without them falling within your authorized baggage allowance. .

A coat or an umbrella are among the most common cases, as are purchases made at duty free in the international area of the airport. Other basic necessities may fall into this category, such as a pair of crutches, a cane, a baby seat or even… ashes from a cremation.

– In hold (Checked Baggage)

The acceptable weight of checked baggage is 20kg (or a maximum of 30kg after purchasing an extra).

Each passenger is entitled to check one piece in the hold.

Lost baggage at the airport: How does it happen and how to avoid it?

You left on vacation and after many hours of flight you arrive at your destination, you go to the conveyor belt of the airport to get your bag, you wait a long time and you realize that all the other passengers have arrived except yours .

Indeed, when traveling by plane, whether with BH Airlines or another airline, no one is safe from losing or damaging their luggage.

Nearly half of lost luggage is due to problems caused by air transfers. What to do and how to file a complaint in this situation?

At airports, bags are lost for various reasons. Baggage passes through many hands as soon as it is delivered to the check-in counter: check-in agents, security checkers and operators who carry out loading and unloading. There are therefore several causes that could generate a loss.

It can also happen that the sticker that the airlines stick with the destination is cut off and the baggage is left unidentified, or that at check-in, instead of loading the baggage to a passenger, by involuntary error, either They uploaded another one with a similar name. And it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling economy class or first class, nobody is safe from losing luggage.

Baggage lost at the airport: If it ever happens, here’s how to react

It is important that, despite the bad timing and the stress that this unexpected situation may cause, certain steps are followed regarding the claim so that the reaction of the airline with which the baggage was transported and shipped is faster and more efficient.

Before leaving the baggage area of the airport, the first thing to do is to go to the Baggage Service office with the baggage ticket which is generally stuck on the boarding pass or the passenger’s identity document.

In addition, the Baggage Irregularity Report (PIR) must be completed with personal data, contact, flight number and date, baggage description, brand and, in case of loss, what was inside. It will be necessary to keep a copy with stamp and/or signature because without these mentions, the document has no value.

There, the complaint will be registered and a reference number will be provided for follow-up.

The second step is to keep all original documents provided by the airline when processing the claim. As well as exchanges of letters and expense receipts.

If the baggage is damaged or missing when returned after a delay, another report must be made within seven days of the day of departure of the flight.

Then, the airline BH Airlines must respond within forty eight hours, as soon as the complaint is made. If you don’t get an answer, there is the possibility of going to trial.

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