Before flying with SATA Azores, be aware that if your luggage exceeds the weight allowed by the Portuguese airline, you may incur unforeseen expenses that impact your budget.

To make sure everything goes according to plan, don’t forget to review its luggage carrying requirements. If you don’t follow them, you could be late for your flight or even miss it, so check all the details before going to the airport.

Hand Baggage

  • Economy Class : 1 x 8kg
  • Business Class : 1 x 13kg
  • Other cabin baggage: Camera, umbrella, handbag, satchel, laptop, …
  • Dimensions : 115cm (55x40x20)

Checked Baggage

The checked baggage allowance offered to Air Acores customers is determined according to their travel classes and routes:

Domestic Flight

Flight between Europe and Africa

Flight between USA, Canada and Bermuda



1 x 23kg


1 x 23kg

1 x 23kg


1 x 35kg
Value 1 x 46kg

2 x 23kg


Comfort 64kg (in two or more pieces) 2 x 32kg

2 x 32kg


1 x 10kg

an additional piece of luggage weighing 10kg

Extra Baggage: Additional baggage, oversized pieces, …

Any excess baggage is charged by Azores Airlines on boarding: 6 Euros per Kilogram. Purchase an additionnal baggage online, however, can reduce the cost.

Prepare your luggage before the flight: Important things to know

Most airlines including SATA Azores Airlines only allow one piece of hand luggage which can accompany you at all times. If you are carrying more than one package or your baggage is larger than permitted, you will need to check it in, i.e. pay for it when purchasing the ticket or checking in.

You can take with you at any time in the cabin a piece of hand luggage that complies with the dimensions established by the company. Even if you carry a very small bag next to the suitcase, they will not let you leave with both in the cabin and you will have to put everything in one place or pay a fine which could be around sixty euros or more.

Certain items are not permitted in carry-on baggage

There are some things you can’t carry in your carry-on bag, some are very obvious and some may surprise you. In order not to do like some people who wear very crazy things and who can get arrested, we recommend that you follow these instructions.

– Transporting liquids

You can only carry bottles not exceeding 100ml and any bottles you carry fit in a ziplock bag. In total, your transparent bag cannot exceed one liter of liquid. Remember that products like toothpaste, creams or semi-liquid products are considered liquids.

– Carrying weapons in hand luggage

It is clear, neither fiery nor sharp. Sharp elements: Many of these are used for camping or sports. They are not allowed.

Your suitcases will be checked by security officers at the airport

Once you have purchased your plane ticket and arrived at the airport you are going to depart from, you will find screens that will tell you which counter your airline presents itself to.

You should know that this counter is not the boarding gate, but the place where you will leave the luggage that you cannot take into the cabin.

You only have to go to the counter if you are going to check in your suitcase.

Chances are that if it’s a long trip, you’re going to take two pieces of luggage, so you have to go to the counter.

This is where someone will ask you to show them your passport and plane ticket. Then he will look for you in his database and when he checks that everything is in order, he will tell you to put your suitcase on a conveyor belt next to him.

This tape is both a scale in which the baggage is weighed to confirm that it does not exceed the authorized weight.

Once they confirm that everything is in order, this person will put a tag on your suitcase, give you a receipt and you can leave.

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    We don’t know where we can pay for weight of luggage if in Airport or where? I did tray twice through line didn’t accept my pavement.
    I tried to call company on international call nobody answered. What can we do please?

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