In this guide, you will find all the information you need to prepare your luggage in the cabin or in the hold when taking an Austrian Airlines flight.

How much hand baggage to carry in the cabin?

All passengers are required to have information about the baggage policy on Austrian Airlines flights to avoid the risk of paying significant penalties before boarding.

In the cabin, passengers are entitled to the same baggage allowance when flying in Economy class or in superior Economy class: One single 8kg bag.

On the other hand, passengers who reserve seats in Business class are authorized to take two bags of 8kg each.

Luggage dimensions: Pieces must not exceed the size of 118cm: 55x40x23cm.

Checked baggage weight and size

They are calculated according to the route and the travel cabin as well:

– Flights connecting two airports in Europe:

If you take a flight that connects two European cities, in this case you benefit from an allowance of:

  • A 23kg bag if you fly in Economy class with the Classic or Flex fare
  • Two bags of 32kg each, if your seat is in Business class.

– International and intercontinental flights

Two bags of 64 kg (32 kg/b) can be transported on board Austrian Airlines aircraft, for passengers in Business and Premium Economy class reserving their seats with Economy Saver, Basic and Flex fares are entitled to two bags of 46kg (23kg/b). On the other hand, travelers in Economy class are entitled to half of their allowance (1 bag of 23kg).

Buy an additional baggage option

The service is available at a lower cost online, on the Manage Booking section of the Austrian Airlines website and mobile application.

Traveling with hand luggage: How to pack your suitcase efficiently?

That’s it, you’ve chosen your destination, the plane tickets are on the front desk, your suitcase is ready. The next step is logically to pack your bags.

But above all, keep in mind that the suitcase going in the cabin is a piece of luggage that you do not need to check in and which will come with you on the plane. To this end, it must be able to be easily installed in the lockers located above the passengers. It is for this reason that the cabin suitcase must meet very strict standards and requirements, especially in terms of dimensions.

Do not panic, if you are here it is absolutely to find advice so that everything goes well and that your hand luggage is not synonymous with additional costs at check-in or boarding.

To choose the right cabin suitcase, remember to consult the allowance offered by your airline.

Indeed, each company is free to set the dimensions and weights it deems appropriate for its aircraft. Note that with this airline, you can bring an additional accessory, namely: your laptop in its cover, or your handbag, or a clothing cover, …

Respecting the weight of the luggage is a parameter not to be taken lightly, because an excess could very well make your boarding a real nightmare.

Once your cabin baggage is ready, you must check its weight so that you do not have to pay any surcharges or additional fees.

How to weigh your suitcase, you ask? You can use a luggage scale, a small electronic object available for the least expensive at around twenty euros for the most sophisticated,… The luggage scale allows you to very reliably measure the exact weight of your luggage, for a departure in more serene vacation.

You can also go the old way, using your personal bathroom scale. Put your cabin suitcase directly on it if it is sensitive enough, or weigh yourself with it and then deduct your weight. This technique is still much less relevant than using a luggage scale, but more economical if you do not have one.

Rigid or soft suitcase: what to choose?

For the Austrian Airlines company, it does not matter the shape of your cabin baggage, as long as it respects the dimensions and weight indicated. For example, for drivers of motorized two-wheelers, a helmet in its cover poses no problem as hand luggage.

Depending on your taste, the cabin suitcase can be rigid or flexible, on wheels or not, with handles or straps, it doesn’t matter. Think practical and adapted to your habits. However, in order to pack a light suitcase, keep in mind that a rigid wheeled suitcase will always weigh more than a soft bag or a backpack. You will therefore necessarily bring fewer things in a rigid suitcase than in a soft bag.

What to put and take in hand luggage?

Here again, everything will depend on your destination! But the most judicious, and in order to be sure not to forget anything, is to make a list of things not to forget.

To know which clothes to choose, it all depends on your destination. If you are going to the tropics, it will be wise to put sunglasses in your cabin luggage, something to protect your head like a hat or a cap, flip-flops, flip-flops or barefoot in order to be comfortable. upon your arrival.

On the other hand, if you are flying to cooler destinations, it will be good to bring good shoes, warm socks, a thick sweater, and possibly even a hat and a scarf. Without forgetting your basic necessities and your papers.

Toiletry bags to store in the suitcase

It is quite normal that you want to bring a small toiletry and make-up kit with you on the plane, and that you want to keep it close at hand. But beware, there are products prohibited in the cabin! This is the case, among other things, of all sharp objects such as nail nippers, scissors, tweezers… but also of all perfumes, aerosols, and liquids, including shower gel, whose container is greater than 100ml.

As a general rule, your 100ml containers should be placed in a bag with a volume of no more than 1 litre. In order not to be mistaken, you can buy small empty bottles in which you will put your favorite products. And at some stores and supermarkets, you can even find special airplane kits consisting of empty bottles and a storage pouch. Or, buy your products directly in small format.

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