If you have come to this page, if because you are looking for information on luggage transport to help you plan your next air trip with Aurigny Air Services.

In this guide, it is in itself easy to understand the British airline’s policy regarding the weight of baggage and the measurements allowed:

– In the cabin: Measurement of hand baggage and weight limit

You can take one piece of hand luggage free of charge, which must be light enough to fit in the overhead compartment without assistance.

The maximum weight is 10 kilos for all fares and classes of travel while the baggage must measure a maximum of 111 cm: (55x36x20)cm. The additional bag carried in the cabin must have measurements less than or equal to 80cm (30x25x20) while this weight is included in the total allowance.

On some flights, such as those served from/to Alderney, the British airline may use small aircraft whose baggage carrying capacity may be reduced. You may not be able to carry hand luggage weighing more than 6 kg on these flights.

– In the hold (Checked Baggage)

The number of pieces to which you are entitled in the hold, their weights and sizes are calculated according to the fare you selected when booking the flight:


Number x Weight Size

the transport of baggage in the hold is payable


Smart 1 x 23kg


Extra kilograms of baggage?

If the allowance offered by Alderney Air Service is not enough for you, you can improve it by purchasing additional baggage allowances ranging from 20 to 23kg for each additional piece.

Taking a flight with hand baggage only: How to do it?

Unlike other means of transport, it is not enough to buy a ticket to board the plane. There is a series of preliminary steps. The first is to check in no later than one day before your flight. This procedure consists of providing information about your baggage, your travel preferences and the additional services you wish to purchase.

If you are flying with Alderney Air Services for the first time, the best option is to pack only the basic clothes and items to take on the trip.

The standard measurements for hand luggage are mentioned above. In general, you cannot carry sharp objects, aerosols, liquids or food in it.

Your hand luggage must be stored in the cupboards above the seats.

Preferably, do it on the airline’s website to avoid queues at the airport. At this point Alderney Air Services allows you to select your seat online and print your boarding pass. This way, when you arrive at the airport, you can save time and go directly to drop off your checked baggage.

Prepare your hand luggage: What to put in it?

When preparing to take the flight with Alderney Air Services, the same question always arises: what should one take in the luggage? Everyone is free to put what they deem necessary in the backpack, but some items are essential, which backpack to choose and how to organize it?

When travelling, what worries passengers the most is taking everything they need with them. So much so that we almost always take things that are not used in the end, the famous In Case. If you are traveling with hand luggage only, taking things that are not in use is something you stop doing after a few rides, carrying extra weight on your back is a very motivating learning technique.

Once you have decided to put all your luggage in one carry-on, you need to choose the one that suits you best. Everyone knows that there are backpacks of different sizes; what may surprise you is that they are measured in liters of capacity; but did you know that there are backpacks for men and for women? Back ventilation, lumbar reinforcement, adaptable shoulder straps, padded shoulder straps, …

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