Passengers who plan to organize a trip in the coming days on board an Atlantic Airways airline should find out about its baggage transport rules, the free allowance offered of which changes depending on the class of travel or sometimes of destination:

How many pieces are you allowed to carry in the cabin?

Hand baggage or small luggage is the one that you can carry in the cabin of the plane by placing it in the overhead compartment or by storing it under your seat.

Atlantic Airways authorizes each of its travelers to place under the rows of its planes, a single hand luggage of 8kg and maximum dimensions of 120cm (55x40x25)cm. Additional baggage can also be carried in the cabin free of charge.

Checked baggage: Allowable allowance on Atlantic Airways flights

The number of items you are allowed to carry in the hold depends essentially on your plane ticket price. If you have chosen the LOW fare, you can check in one bag of 23kg.

Whereas if you book your flight with the FLEX or FLEX + fare, then you have the option of checking in two pieces: 2 x 23kg.

For your children, they are entitled to free transport of a stroller in the hold, but if you wish, for example, to transport a car seat in the cabin, your child must have his own plane ticket for the car seat. To book it, just call Atlantic Airways customer service on +298 34 10 00.

– Traveling with an animal by plane: Weight and dimensions to respect

The transport of animals in the hold is possible. The maximum weight of each animal must be specified on your form at the time of booking. This form must be printed and presented to the agent during check-in at the airport.

Your pet + its transport crate must weigh a total of 8kg or less. The crate size should display the following measurements: 150 x 70 x 70 cm

Traveling with more baggage: Paying excess

On Atlantic Airways flights, respecting the baggage allowance is indisputable. However, it is possible to modify it by adding excess baggage. Log in to your account on Manage my Booking and add the weight you want to your allowance. Excess baggage purchased online is cheaper compared to the airport.

Items to put or not to put in hand luggage

If you’re flying with Atlantic Airways and you’re only carrying carry-on baggage, you must meet certain requirements regarding measurements, weight, and what items you can or cannot carry.

Before packing, check your airline’s baggage policies.

If you’re traveling and only carry carry-on baggage, you must meet certain requirements regarding measurements, weight, and what items you can or cannot carry.

– Items allowed in cabin baggage

All electronic devices are allowed (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, hair dryer…), except if you are traveling to a destination in the United States or Great Britain.

Cosmetics and toiletries can be transported in bottles not larger than 100ml and packed in a plastic bag.

All documents must always be stored in hand luggage such as passport, cards, identity document in your country, …

The medications you carry must be legal in the destination country, if they are medicated, you must carry enough for the travel days and the medical formula.

Clothing, shoes and objects that do not represent a danger to anyone are allowed in the cabin, as are umbrellas, canes, wheelchairs and baby food,

including liquids that exceed 100ml. As long as they were purchased from the Duty Free shops at the airport.

– Items strictly prohibited in hand luggage

Like articles for camping; a corkscrew; knife and large scissors; blades, scalpel; matches… ;

If you are carrying sporting goods or work tools, check with the airline first;

It is also forbidden to transport toxic or flammable substances; firearms or explosives… ;

This information is provided for guidance only, so it is recommended that you always consult Atlantic Airways policy, which may change from time to time.

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