Going on a trip should be a simple step, but the regulations set by airlines like ASL Airlines and the airports they serve hinder passengers’ freedom to carry the luggage they need on the plane.

First of all, remember that when you choose to book a flight with ASL Airlines, know that you are entitled to baggage:

– In Cabin (Carry-On)

Hand baggage can be carried in the cabin by passengers booking their flights with the Basic, Standard and Flex fare.

Only one piece of baggage is allowed in the cabin for each traveler. It must weigh 10kg and measure 115cm (55x35x25).

Another piece may be carried outside the hand baggage allowance. It can be a personal accessory, a handbag, a laptop bag or something else, with a maximum size of 70cm (30x20x20) so that you can store it under your seat.

– In Hold (Checked Baggage)

No checked baggage for holders of tickets booked with basic fares. Only passengers who have chosen Standard and Flex fares who are entitled to a baggage allowance of 23kg, which measures 158cm.

Baggage for infants (under two years old)? Yes, ASL Airlines France allows parents to carry luggage for their children, even if they board without reservation. They are entitled to a 3kg piece in the cabin and another 10kg piece in the hold, respecting the same size rule applied for the transport of luggage for adult passengers.

Extra or Excess Baggage 

If despite the allowance offered by ASL Airlines, you find yourself obliged to buy additional baggage? In this case, you have only one choice: Buy excess baggage. You can add it to your online reservation and avoid paying a hefty penalty at the airport.

Tips for collecting your luggage quickly when your flight arrives

Retrieving your checked baggage from conveyor belts can be a real ordeal, especially when your suitcase leaves last.

Baggage check-in can become a real ordeal. And not just for what sometimes has to be paid to check in a suitcase. One of the least desirable things when you arrive at your destination after hours on the plane is to wait for your checked baggage to appear on the belt.

It often happens that travelers have to wait a long time before seeing the first suitcases appear. And, once these start rolling on the baggage carousel, you may find yourself waiting an entire hour to see yours.

Surely you have already waited so long that you have come to consider the possibility that your suitcase has been lost. It is normal that checking the suitcase sometimes causes chills. But, is there a way to get your suitcase out of the first one?

There is an almost infallible and very simple trick with which you will not have to wait just for your suitcase. This involves asking for the Fragile tag for your baggage before leaving it with the staff in charge of check-in at the airport.

Suitcases with this tag are placed in the last hold of the plane, separated from the rest of the baggage for their safety, so as they are closer to the front door, they will leave first. Or have you ever noticed that bags with this tag are the first to appear on the baggage carousel?

This is an almost foolproof method because there is always a small chance that the tag will end up getting lost. But of course it is worth trying so as not to expect more. Another disadvantage is that sometimes the personnel in charge of handling the bags do not see these labels.

It is unclear if there are any requirements to apply for the Fragile label or anyone who considers they have something delicate inside their suitcase can do so. In any case, if it is not possible to obtain it, there is another way to ensure that your suitcase leaves the baggage carousel first: check in last.

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