Before packing their bags and going to the airport to take the Air Transat flight, each passenger must know the restrictions on the size and weight of hand luggage to be transported in the cabin, and the documents to be checked in during check-in. airport, those that go in the hold.

Maximum measurements must be taken, including external pockets, wheels and handles, and the suitcase must fit in the device located at the airports in order to be accepted on the flight.

Bag to be carried in the cabin (hand baggage)

There is no restriction applied on the weight of luggage, but the latter must be light enough to be able to store it under the seat of the plane.

The average size of a cabin suitcase is 114cm: 23+40+51cm.

Another item (handbag) is also included in the allowance offered to each passenger traveling on board an Air Transat aircraft whose maximum measurements are: 43.2×30.5×12.7 (cm).

Checked baggage: Number of pieces and weight limit

Regarding the transport of baggage in the hold, this service is free for some passengers and chargeable for others:




One piece 1×23 kg, (Paying : €35) 1 x 23 kg


One pieces

23 kg, (Paying : €55) 1×23 kg, (Paying : €55)


Additional pieces 23 kg, (Paying : €180) 1 x 23 kg (Paying : €180)


For passengers booking an Option Plus

This option, which can be purchased up to 24 hours before departure, entitles you to the free selection of a seat on the plane but also to the transport of baggage and additional items in the hold:


One piece 1×23 kg

1 x 23 kg

One pieces

23 kg, (Paying : €55) 1×23 kg
Additional pieces 23 kg, (Paying : €180)

1 x 23 kg (Paying : €180)

Inflate your allowance by purchasing excess and extra baggage

The maximum size of each piece of luggage is 158cm. On the other hand, you can transport bulky luggage by purchasing additional luggage. Baggage up to 292cm in size can be checked in for $100 CA.

Travel lost at the airport: What to do and what procedure should you follow?

Your baggage is not necessarily lost, it may simply have been delayed due to human error or a technical hitch. Besides, most of the time, you get it back within three days. However, the European Consumer Center offers useful advice in the event of the loss of one or more pieces of luggage.

The first thing to do is to make an immediate complaint to the baggage service at the airport. You will be given an official document called Property Irregularity Report which must contain a number of useful information, such as your identification, flight and checked baggage data, as well as the data necessary for their identification such as the type of suitcases, colors and sizes. That’s why it’s important to take pictures of your suitcase inside and out. Then, you will have to be patient until the service keeps you informed of the results of the investigation.

If you lose your luggage because of Air Transat, you deserve compensation

In the case of luggage that has been definitively lost (not found within three weeks following the filing of the complaint), you have the right to be compensated up to the value of the suitcase, the objects contained in it and the articles of strictly necessary purchased to replace the ones you have lost. You must then file a complaint with the airline with acknowledgment of receipt. Regarding the deadline for sending this registered letter, it depends on the convention that applies to your flight: Three weeks for the Warsaw Convention or two weeks for the Montreal Convention.

In the case of delayed baggage, if it is found and returned within 21 days of the complaint, for the damage suffered, you are entitled to reimbursement of the sums you have spent to buy the bare necessities.

For this, of course, do not forget to keep all the invoices to show them as proof.

In the case of damaged or destroyed baggage, you also have the right to be reimbursed for the value of the damaged items. Unless, of course, the company disclaims liability for damage to the suitcase by showing obvious defects, which would then be the fault of the traveler, such as poor packaging, an item that is too fragile or a damaged closure.

As a security measure, Air Transat advises you to always keep valuables with you on the plane, in particular laptops or precious jewellery.

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