What is the maximum number of pieces of baggage that you can carry in the cabin of a flight served by Air Seychelles? And how many suitcases are you allowed to carry in the hold? Indeed, it is your reservation rate that clarifies your rights in terms of baggage transport.

To avoid stress and avoid unpleasant surprises when boarding, here is all the information on hand luggage restrictions for flights operated by Air Seychelles:

– In cabin

Each passenger has the possibility of bringing in the cabin a luggage of 5 kg.

– In the hold (Checked)

In the hold, Air Seychelles’ policy is clear. For each passenger, a 23 kg bag can be checked in and placed in the hold of the aircraft.

On the other hand, there are no restrictions on the dimensions or size of baggage going in the cabin or in the hold.

For the transport of sports equipment, the Seychelles company only accepts items/equipment measuring 75x43x90cm or less.

Buying excess (extra) baggage: Practical solution for a comfortable stay

If you ever realize that your baggage allowance is not enough for you to carry the baggage you will need during the stay, Air Seychelles nevertheless gives you the possibility of modifying it by adding one or more pieces of baggage, provided that the weight of the piece added does not overcome the 32kg threshold.

Each kilogram costs 5 USD. You can buy as many supplements as you want from the My Trip section on Airseychelles.com.

Lost luggage at the airport: Here’s how you should react

Everyone who takes the plane generally has the same fear: boarding with their luggage and not finding it on arrival. If you are used to traveling often with Air Seychelles or other operators, you may have already experienced this misfortune. And it’s far from funny.

At the airport, one after another, passengers collect their suitcases and leave happily, while you scan the conveyor belt desperately, but still nothing on the horizon. Losing luggage is a common problem faced by many travellers. We do not wish you this during your holidays, but it is important to know how to better understand and manage this situation. Whatever happens, when a suitcase in the hold is misplaced or delayed, the airline is obliged to compensate you. What should you do if this happens to you? Here are the procedures to follow and the rights you have.

Baggage lost at the airport: How to avoid this mishap?

Most people who travel by plane probably worry about not finding their luggage on arrival. Especially if they have already had this bad experience or if someone close to them has been there. This concern is perfectly legitimate. We are often afraid that it will take too long and that we will find ourselves stuck abroad in this overwhelming situation.

You should still know that, during the high season, international airports including Blaise Diagne International Airport, which is considered Air Senegal’s main hub, suffer from a severe lack of staff compared to the enormous flow of passengers. Overwhelmed by events, hostesses and airport agents are solicited from all sides and can unfortunately make involuntary errors. These awkwardnesses thus risk leading to the loss of the luggage and personal effects of certain passengers.

Travelers should always take a number of steps before boarding to avoid losing their checked baggage. Obviously, the simplest and most judicious option is to take a small piece of luggage to bring up in the cabin. However, this is only practical for a short stay.

When you go on vacation for two weeks or more, with the whole family, large suitcases to keep in the hold are more appropriate. In this case, experts advise photographing your luggage from the outside and inside. This gesture is far from trivial, since it will allow you to save time and better manage the risks associated with the loss or damage to your luggage. Thus, in case of force majeure, you will provide these photos to the airport staff. This will make it easier for them to find your suitcases more quickly through the “Lost and Found” service or to speed up the compensation process in the event that you have been the victim of theft or vandalism.

Also, don’t forget to photograph your travel documents, and in particular the specific labels that are stuck on your luggage during check-in. They contain crucial information that can help you recover your luggage more easily.

It is also important to attach a tag to your luggage with your name and phone number on it. Because if you lose it or take another passenger’s suitcase by accident, we can contact you more quickly. A little trick is to buy a patterned or very colorful piece of luggage, in which you could even attach a special and easily recognizable object.

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