If you are traveling with Air Senegal, you can carry hand luggage in the cabin and other luggage in the hold, but you know that there are restrictions that are applied by the Senegalese company regarding the transport of luggage.

The measures and weights authorized on flights served by the Senegalese company are:

Number of luggage to carry in the cabin

A single piece weighing 8kg can be placed in the cabin, for the different fare classes and travel destinations.

How many pieces can be placed in the hold (checked)?

Things are different when it comes to carrying checked baggage. Their number and weight are fixed according to the travel class and the destination of the passenger:

– Economy Class

Only one bag of 23kg can be checked in when flying to Banjul in Gambia, Bissau in Guinea, Cap Skirring and Ziguinchor in Senegal, Nouakchott in Nouakchott and Cape Verde.

– Premium Class

Passengers booking seats on board the Premium cabin are allowed to check one bag of 32kg when traveling to/from the destinations mentioned above, while their allowance includes 2x32kg if flying on airlines serving Paris or an airport in the United States.

– Business Class

For passengers who book plane tickets to fly in Business class, they benefit from a 2x32kg allowance on all lines served by Air Senegal.

Carry more suitcases: Buy excess and extra baggage

Despite these strict restrictions and rules, Air Senegal gives you the possibility to modify your standard allowance by adding baggage. This generates costs ranging from 100 to 160 euros, knowing that the maximum weight of a single piece of luggage must not exceed 32 kg.

Prepare and organize your suitcase well to avoid additional costs

How to compactly fold things in a suitcase, what to pack? Packing is all about taking only the essentials with you and leaving room in case you need to do some shopping during your trip. When choosing clothes, you need to take into account the characteristics of the destination and the weather.

What essentials should you pack and what should you take with you in your hand luggage? The first thing you need to do is pack your stuff before you start packing, thinking carefully about what you really need.

You must take valuables, documents and money, fragile items such as cameras, computers or glass items on the plane.

– How to put things in a suitcase?

Make a list of things to take with you. It will help not to forget something special, but on the other hand it will help not to pack the whole wardrobe in one suitcase. We start by noting the most important ones and those you should have with you at your destination. Before we start collecting things, we narrow down the final list as much as possible.

How do you fold things compactly in a suitcase going into the cabin or in the hold of an Air Senegal plane? To prevent clothes from getting wrinkled in a suitcase, and also to save space, they fold them rather than folding them. Many experienced travelers believe that the best way to save space in your suitcase is to roll it up.

To get the most out of your suitcase, you need to consider the shape and size of the items. Larger and heavier items are placed at the bottom of the bag, and lighter items continue to be placed. This will make it easier to close the bag. If something has an unusual shape, they screw up the clothes, making sure there are no empty spaces in the luggage.

Taking advantage of the empty space that usually remains in the corners and sides of the suitcase, they stuff underwear, socks and everything that does not take up much space. Small objects can be placed inside the shoe.

Chargers, cables that we take out of a suitcase or a personal bag are conveniently placed in plastic bags with a zipper. This way they will be well organized.

Necessary, without which you cannot do, namely first aid kits. Prepare painkillers, as well as sedatives, wipes. Bring headphones and a mask for better sleep.

Make a list of everything you put in your luggage so you can tell it in order to claim with the airline Air Senegal or the insurance company. Of course, don’t forget cash, credit card and travelers checks.

Carrying clothes in a suitcase: How to store them properly?

When packing your bags, make sure your clothes are clean, ironed, neatly folded and take up as little space as possible. Who prefers to fold it, it is important to use the entire surface, even the small holes that can be created between the clothes. Clothes made of fabrics that crease easily should be placed as high as possible. If we take a laptop with us, we put it in the middle of the suitcase.

– Items and liquid products in the baggage?

Among the things that we take with us in a suitcase, there may be shower gel and shampoo (in 100 ml containers if you travel by plane). Before packing liquids, wrap the lid with tape.

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